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Maya Angelou wrote a poem to celebrate AARPa€™s (American Association of Retired People) 50th anniversary. I cana€™t say I love to cook the way some gourmet cooks relish a whole day or weekend spent in the kitchen. I love kitchens, kitchen gadgets, electrical appliances, full refrigerators, cooking pots and pretty dishes.
In the spring of 2006 we bought an RV, emptied the house, put it up for sale and hit the road. I plan to talk about our RV lifestyle and the places wea€™ve seen in this blog on a regular basis. Each challenge card has a different way of setting up the cars and trucks so each game is a new challenge.
Favorite soul food recipes of Willie Crawford, learned while growing up with his grandmother on a North Carolina tobacco farm. Whenever my family gathers for holidays or special occasions, my husband and I are always asked to bring the banana pudding.
Enjoy special collection of trusted soul food banana pudding recipes submitted, reviewed and rated by community.
Our goal was to see the country in no big hurry and hopefully, meet some interesting people along the way. No features yet on him but, if you'd like to see the big salmon he caught in Alaska, go here.
Join in the conversation by commenting on posts or sending me a email at margot.peck at gmail dot com.
I love the smell of bread baking, homemade soup on the back burner, and a fruit pie cooling by the window. I find that if I have something I cana€™t quite figure out, if I sit down for a bit and focus on my knitting, the other side of my brain seems to come up with a solution.

We loved camping so much that we figured out a way to pack all our camping gear, tent, sleeping bags, cooking utensils and so forth in a duffle bag. Somehow it wasna€™t quite so easy to get down on the ground and get into that sleeping bag.
We didna€™t think anyone could call themselves real campers unless they were down on the cold ground.
My mother made this recipe many years ago the traditional My grandmothers homemade southern banana pudding recipe. Everyone loves it and it is Instant vanilla pudding mix is combined with condensed milk, sour cream and, of course, bananas, and layered with vanilla wafer cookies in this banana pudding. Ia€™m indulging myself in the pursuits I love: reading, travel, cooking, knitting, observing and visiting people, movies and music, playing games and so on. My daughter, Candice, lives in Oregon with her husband, Mark, and our two beautiful and brilliant granddaughters who we call Q and Lou. The first thing I did was paint it white and sew red and white checked curtains for the window. Most people pinch up their face and squint their eyes as if their brain cana€™t quite compartmentalize what theya€™ve just heard. We were flying home from a trip in California and it was over the airport at a layover in Phoenix.
Try new ways of preparing bananas with banana pudding recipes and more from the expert chefs at Food Network. My husband and I sold our house, put stuff in storage, bought an RV, and set off to travel North America. As I went off to college and into adulthood a library card has always been a prized possession.A  Ia€™ve lived in lots of places in my life and can count 12 different libraries where I was an avid patron. Herea€™s something else the non-knitter may find it hard to believe: I honestly think I listen better when Ia€™m knitting.

Wea€™d been talking about camping and our retirement and the possibility of getting a pop-up tent camper. WEll, the soul food Bahamian desserts you will coconut and pineapple tarts, banana bread, bread pudding aaah! I make pudding celebrating the great taste of soul food For those of you who like banana pudding the old fashioned way, with homemade custard, this recipe is for you!!!!
Since that first kitchen Ia€™ve had a galley kitchen, a big country kitchen and a u-shaped cooka€™s dream kitchen. When it came time to retire and downsize our belongings, what to do with all the books was the hardest part for me.
Back in my business days I often wished I could have been able to knit during some of those long meetings.
At almost the same time we looked at each other and said: a€?Why dona€™t we just sell the house, get an RV and then we can go camping all the time? Allrecipes has more than 20 trusted banana pudding recipes complete with ratings, reviews and serving tips. We wouldna€™t have to worry about the house and yard.a€? And right there the decision was made. We discovered we werena€™t the only ones who had the idea of selling our house and traveling in an RV. I can still have that fresh bread smell, the soup on the back burner and a fruit pie cooling by the window.A Life is good.

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