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Some of the most basic, everyday items I was buying were filled with…well, I’m not really sure. While you could in fact stop here with a 2 ingredient dressing we're going to add just a few more things to really liven this up and turn you into a homemade dressing believer.
If you'd like to infuse your dressing with garlic but don't want the flavor to be overpowering here's a simple trick!
If you'd like the dressing to be creamier try adding 1-2 tablespoons of tahini, cashew butter or almond butter. If you're feeling like something a bit fresher, chop any fresh herbs you'd like and add them in.
It may seem like a daunting task to make salad dressing at home, but I assure you it isn't! Basically, a lot of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and probably didn’t need to be consuming.

You'll need just a few ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen and a jar for shaking.
Most store-bought dressings use canola or vegetable oil, even many of the natural and organic brands. I like my dressings a bit on the acidic side, so I typically go 1:1 with my oil to acid. If the acidity is too intense just add more oil! I want to show you How to make Salad Dressing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil healthy, quick and easy. By the end of this post you’ll be all set to take on a new kitchen challenge and after you make your first batch of this simple homemade salad dressing, you’ll never want to buy store-bought again! I didn’t become an obsessive label checker, but I definitely started to rid my diet (diet referring to the way I eat, not being on a diet) of food products that were highly processed with ingredient labels a million miles long. That is until I started making my own dressings at home and also learned how to really "beef up" my salad bowl.

Extra virgin olive oil will make a huge difference in the flavor of your homemade dressings, plus it's much healthier.
But sometimes I'll use balsamic vinegar, champagne vinegar, lime juice or a combination of a few.
Then, as I started to scrutinize ingredients a bit more I noticed salad dressings were filled with way too many unnecessary ingredients.

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