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Banana Ghosts and Tangerine Pumpkins.- This is my favorite Healthy Halloween Fun Food Idea. The Pumpkin Veggie Tray.- Super healthy and very easy to make Healthy Halloween Fun Food Idea. Witch Broomsticks.-  Make super cute broomsticks with pretzel sticks, string cheese and chives. Pizza mummies.-  You can make these mummies with whole wheat english muffins or small round pita bread.
For another healthy halloween treat see my post, Homemade Healthy Gummies and use a cool Halloween Silicone Mold.
My name is Ursula: I am not a nutritionist but a concerned mother who likes to share creative ways to provide healthy and enjoyable food options. Within special occasions like holiday parties and wedding events, people would love to give their guests a chance to experience tasty and presentable food stuffs. Finger food appetizers are currently enjoying substantial demand from party hosts and menu designers. In the context of kids’ parties, it would be appropriate to avail tasty and presentable foods before the main meal is served.
Delicious dishes can also serve the purpose of bringing people together during important social events like family gatherings and baby shower parties.
Luckily, information on various types of finger food appetizer recipes is easily available on the web. While I like digging into all of the cream cheese-based apps, salty snacks, and Christmas cookies and candy, it’s always nice to also have something healthy to munch on. Since we just wrapped up a five-day detox {that will be we’ll be doing in January again, by the way!}, we have quite a few veggies in the fridge.
You can also make Olaf ‘s Cheese Pizza if you want to add some fun and creativity to your meals. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. One advantage of these foods is that they are available in various categories; hence can suit preferences of almost all guests regardless of their distinct food preferences. This is because kids would love to constantly nip little pieces of tasty foods prior to being served with the main dish. In current social settings, it is hard to pull people together because they are busy engaging in individual economic activities like studying or working. Ingredients required and preparation steps used requires little effort, which can be done personally or with the help of few friends and family members. While you can pile them up any which way, I think it looks pretty to have them cut into sticks and arranged at the same angle. Instead of turning to that one dish you make for every event, try something new and healthy.

To carve a pumpkin cup, slice off the top of the orange, using a knife to loosen the edges, scoop out the inside of the orange with a spoon.
It is common to hear guests attending a party talking about dishes served other than the main course of the event. In addition, serving of finger food appetizers for kids’ party is an excellent way of getting children to consume nutritious fruits like grapes, pineapples and lemon, which are all combined in most fruit appetizers. However, invitation for a pending or recent birth of a child can be effected using appropriate recipes for the day.
At this juncture, hosts seeking to turn small parties into memorable events should consider trying finger food appetizers for their guests. It’s filled with fun things like ugly Christmas sweaters, white elephant gifts, and super delicious food {my favorite part}. These quick healthy potluck appetizer recipes are simple to make, easy to transport and sure to be a party favorite.
Toss the juice in with your salad. Carve a small jack-o-lantern face in each orange and fill with your salad. For each mummy, spread a tablespoon of pizza sauce onto half of an English muffin or pita bread. In conventional wedding contexts, it is common to see waiters passing around tasty morsels in platters. Still on the context of kids’ parties, it is undeniable that children can lose attention of the main course of the event.
Mums and other family members can be pulled together easily using finger food appetizers for baby shower events. If you are making a fruit salad you can also use fun Mini Halloween Cutter Set to cut your fruit. Finger foods are both presentable and tasty; hence offering guests an opportunity to indulge in ideal sweet meals. Serving these foods can be done conveniently in the process of an occasion without disrupting an underlying event.
This is because kids are usually busy with other fun-filled engaging activities that they usually leave the main course of the event untouched. It is undeniable that as party food improves in taste, it is hard to receive no shows reply from invited guests. If you want more fun food ideas for the holidays, check out my Thanksgiving Fun Food Ideas. In addition, the same appetizers are filling, thus causing satisfaction to party attendees. In case of finger food appetizers for wedding, people can be served meatballs with ease along aisles in sizable food trays.
In this case, tasty foods like finger appetizers will be the only thing that can compete with bungee jumping in capturing children’s attention during parties.

In the past, it would be common to hear people saying they would not attend an event because they will be busy with other personal duties. This blog is where I share what's on my heart, my thoughts on motherhood, how we're getting healthier {and helping others do the same}, and our simple, happy life. These are just pomegranate kernels-- a healthy treat that, with a gross name, might get the kids eating something other than cake and candy. If you want to serve more finger foods, you can make your own dips with some homemade crackers.
Therefore, guests within a wedding event or family gathering will leave the venue with gratitude. These foods usually come in bite sized pieces, which can be eaten by quests while seated on standing within venues. However, crafty and delicious dishes like finger foods are bringing people with great memories together.
Booger DipHow to Make It: Cheese dip (like Cheese Whiz or any packaged cheese dip-- whatever you like) with green food coloring = booger dip. Check out this recipe Homemade Cheddar Cheese Crackers and make them with only 4 ingredients.
The Man-Eating Dip DemonHow to Make It: When serving a dip, like the spinach dip pictured here, serve it in an oblong loaf of bread cut lenghtwise for a gaping monster mouth.
Cute Cheese o' LanternHow to Make It: Take your favorite cheeseball recipe and add green pepper pieces to create a jack o' lantern face.
Heat oil in 12-inch heavy-bottomed skillet over medium-high heat until very hot (you can hold your hand 2 inches above pan surface for 3 to 4 seconds), about 3 minutes. Place floured cutlets in single layer in skillet and cook until golden brown, about 4 minutes. Using tongs, flip cutlets and cook on second side until golden brown and meat feels firm when pressed with finger, about 4 minutes longer. To make this grossest of Halloween party recipes, carve a small pumpkin as if he were puking. Return skillet to low heat and add bacon; saute, stirring occasionally and scraping pan bottom to loosen browned bits until bacon is brown and crisp, about 4 minutes. Add mushrooms and increase heat to medium-high; saute, stirring occasionally and scraping pan bottom, until liquid released by mushrooms evaporates and mushrooms begin to brown, about 8 minutes.
Off heat, add lemon juice and any accumulated juices from chicken in the oven; whisk in butter 1 tablespoon at a time.
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