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Chicken is lightly coated with a spiced tomato-mushroom blend for this skillet main dish recipe. In large skillet cook chicken in hot olive oil over medium heat for 2 minutes on each side; remove from skillet. Nehal is mid way through his final exams and am looking at ways to please his growling tummy. An Andhra style chicken curry recipe given to me by a dear friend who belongs to the Konaseema region of Andhra.
Rich and creamy, Murgh Musallam, is a party fare that should be relished with family and friends. Chicken Vindaloo, a popular recipe of Goan-Portuguese fusion cooking, is a dish that stimulates one’s appetite with its delicious and addictive flavors.
Kori Gassi or Mangalore chicken curry with coconut goes well pundi, rotti, neer dosa & rice. Despite numerous requests on how to make chicken 65, I never got down to blogging it until today. Often our lunch comprises of wholesome and filling salad or one pot meals and loads of flavored buttermilk. This favorite chicken curry recipe is usually prepared as a side with flavored rice like Tomato Pulao. The chicken pulao that we make at home is no less than any saffron laced biryani in spite of its simplicity. Few spices go into its making and ensure you marinate the chicken for at least 3-4 hrs if not overnight and roast the chicken well.
On Sunday, I cooked this special chicken dish along with phulkas and vegetable salad for a potluck. B, as I call her, would almost always serve a some kind of casserole with salad and fruit and follow it with coffee and her famous cookies.

A straightforward and quick pulao recipe that features basmati rice, chicken, coconut milk and fragrant spices. Who doesn’t love this pampered, fragrant, rice delicacy that reigns supreme as the world best one pot meal? I found this recipe at Varsha’s blog which has some authentic Kerala style non-vegetarian fare that I have bookmarked to try. Chicken and methi complement each other really well and I’m eternally grateful to the origins of this recipe. It wasn’t an extravagant lunch by any means, but the meal always left me satisfied and well nourished. I had bookmarked a recipe for chicken stuffed buns quite some time ago but re-discovered it recently and got down to baking them over the weekend. The chicken simmers in a concoction of yogurt, coconut milk, poppy seeds and garam masala to yield a rich creamy textured curry. You can even add vegetables like carrot, beans and peas and increase the nutrition profile of the stew.This culinary gem of Kerala cuisine makes for a decent side with roti, paratha and rice too other than appam and puttu.
As this decadent one pot dish simmers, the khushboo (aroma) that emanates the kitchen, will put the glamorous biryani to shame. Marinated boneless chicken is deep fried and the golden balls are tossed with a cornflour based ginger-garlic concoction and garnished with a generous amount of spring onion greens. The key to this recipe is in the caramalized onions that are pureed along with curd forming the base of this creamy dish.
My favorite casserole of hers was a simple chicken and rice recipe bake she slow cooked in the oven during the church service. Really simple and really delicious!I recently asked her for the recipe and after a few adaptations, I made it for dinner this week. It was even better than I remember – moist chicken and flavorful brown rice all cooked together into a hearty main.

B’s original recipe calls for 1 can each of condensed cream of mushroom soup and cream of celery soup. This adds even more flavor!There are lots more adaptations and variations you could try, but we are keeping it SIMPLE, friends!This picture shows the final step in making my own cream soups, which you will need to do first.
Both the broth and soups should have plenty of salt to carry through the rice and chicken.A Pour this soup mixture over the chicken and rice. Almost done!It may look like there is too much liquid in the pan at this point, but no fear! Ratio is key in makingA both your rice and chicken moist.Cover the entire pan with foil and place it into a 350 oven for 80 minutes.
Then, when the timer goes off, remove the foil and bake another 10-15 minutes until golden.
This will finish the cooking and leave you with perfectly cooked chicken and rice.Let it cool down for a bit and then let theA chickenA break apart as you dish it out. You’ll love the simple flavors, but there is no shame if you want to add sour cream or hot sauce to your own portion…and did I mention the leftovers? She loves to adapt recipes to her familya€™s eclectic tastes and is learning to provide nourishment for any bellies who walk through the door at a momenta€™s notice. If not in the kitchen, youa€™ll find Meredith in front of her sewing machine or spending quality time with her home and church families. Allow yourself at least an additional 30 minutes of baking time and let us know how it goes!

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