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You've got to have energy to have an effective workout, so let your pre-workout snack help you push yourself to do your best. Topping toast simply with hummus and microgreens helps fuel your workout with carbs and protein, not to mention an extra hydration kick from the greens. Trail mix is the ultimate grab-and-go snack, but make sure you choose your trail mix wisely; store-bought mix can include too much salt, preservatives, or sugary candies to be beneficial to your goals. Simple and satisfying: Greek yoghurt topped with freshly sliced fruit is the perfect pre-workout snack for any time of day.
Adding cereal to this fruit and yoghurt mix will give your snack a satisfying crunch; the mix of sliced bananas and cereal will give you a much-needed carb dose for your workout.
When you're craving something savory, a simple snack of one hard-boiled egg, nut butter, and toast will give you the energy you need for your workout.

Mix non-fat vanilla Greek yoghurt with peanut butter and cinnamon to make an extra creamy dip that goes well with apple slices (use one medium apple) and offers the right amount of energy for your workout.
You can make a batch of these mango quinoa coconut energy balls well before your next workout, then freeze any extra for months. An easy-to-digest protein smoothie is a great option if you need to fuel up before a workout, and this vanilla protein smoothie is perfect.
What works for you the best will depend on when you eat your snack as well as any stomach sensitivity issues you have, but a good rule of thumb is make your snack a mix of mostly carbs and a little bit of protein for exercise success.
Try making your own with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds for the right mix to fuel your workout. The blend of vegan ingredients offers you just the right amount of proteins and carbs to fuel you through any workout.

A small bowl of plain oats (not the packaged kind), a little sweetener, and a sliced banana will keep you full and ready to go. They are a cinch to make and chances are you already have all the ingredients you need in your kitchen.

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