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The health of your birds is very important, and much can be learnt from just checking around the pen and coop for the appearance of your chickens’ droppings. Checking on chicken poo may seem distasteful, but there are certain problems with poultry that can immediately be recognised just by looking at the appearance of droppings. Chickens will generally produce droppings that, under normal circumstances, have the appearance of a solid, blackish colour with an additional white area attached. Custard-like droppings could be worms or in some cases could be from the food thay are being given. New poultry keepers are often unaware of the custard-like droppings, which are seen quite regularly.
If you worm your birds on a regular basis, then there should be no need for concern, but do be cautious because even though you may have wormed the birds, it is so very easy for them to pick up further infestations during their daily routine, especially if left to forage. Coccidiosis is possibly one of the most dangerous of all the problems that are easily observed in the droppings.
When this stage of infestation is reached the problem is well established and some losses may well follow.
One small point to remember is that this disease can be easily transmitted from bird to bird, and perhaps more importantly also by us carrying the problem on our feet, so extra vigilance is needed and cleanliness is a necessity. The droppings are a yellow liquid with the presence of worms in the droppings, some of which actually still move.
There are quite a few treatments on the market that are available in tablet, powder or liquid form.
There are again various causes of this, ranging from feed or greenstuff, and even feed with too high a protein content, but in most cases the problem is more deep-rooted.
The old books recommend Epsom salts and various other concoctions, most of which are either unavailable or even illegal these days.
The main consideration in all types of internal problem is that they are caused, in most cases, by infection from the ground they run about on, and infection carried by other birds and ourselves. Good management always gives good results and can, in the long run, save you both money and time.
These are very basic and simple checks to make, but be aware that the food you are giving, the environment in which they live, and many other factors can contribute to the many and varied appearances of droppings.
Also, please note that most wormers are not actually licensed for use with poultry, which causes a problem for the backyard keeper.
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We describe Home Farmer very much as a magazine for the kitchen table than coffee table, and each issue targets what you need to know to get the job done with simple step-by-step instructions, features and honest accounts of people trying to live their dreams either in the country or town. Chef salad has been one of my favourite North American recipes ever since I landed on this prosperous land. PopularCauliflower Breadsticks Recipe Phenomenal low carb alternative to traditional cheesy breadsticks.
While I love strawberries, I must admit that the brillance of this recipe is truly the dressing created by my raw foods girl, Diane.
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Ingredient Challenge Monday Featured Recipe- Strawberry Arugula Salad with Sweet Cilantro Honey Dressing from Heather, The Gluten-Free Cat and ICM Challenge-Ingredient Annoucement! Ingredient Challenge Monday Featured Recipe- Strawberry Arugula Salad with Sweet Cilantro Honey Dressing from Heather, The Gluten-Free Cat and ICM Challenge-Ingredient Announcement! A Curious Girl in the Gluten-Free WorldI'm a curious girl, wife, teacher, friend, fitness fanatic, foodie, high raw vegan, child of the King, and Mama Cat.
If you have any sick birds and decide to pay a visit to the vet it is very likely that they will need to check on the birds to confirm a problem or illness, and this will inevitably mean the vet asking for a sample of their droppings for examination.
The black section is the bird’s solid waste and the white is the urine, and this should be quite firm and well formed together in an almost rounded shape. Try to keep a close watch on the birds, and if the symptom persists and the worming has not controlled the problem, then a consultation with the vet is definitely required. This internal parasite is always more common in young birds that have not reached full maturity. Do not at this stage separate or transfer any of the birds to other pens, and under no circumstances mix these birds with any others from different pens, as this will spread the disease rapidly.
If the coccidiosis worm is not treated it will kill, and the birds will not recover from this problem on their own.
Any animal or bird can be affected by worms, and although the common ones are not as serious as the coxi worm, it is very important to treat and keep them under control. I have found from experience that once the pale-green fluid appears there is a very bad inside infection and the results are nearly always a fatality. I tend to try and keep the birds separated and as comfortable as possible, with a constant supply of fresh water with a small dosage (10ml) of cider vinegar, and also worm them orally by syringe as a back up. Use disinfectants, foot-baths, clean fresh feed, and most importantly, good clean bedding, which needs to be changed on a regular basis. Do not panic, but if you have any concerns contact your local poultry vet and get some good, sound advice as to what to use and what to do for the welfare of the birds. Contact your vet for supplies and advice on which product is suitable for your individual needs. My house is loud, gets messy (I’m a clean freak and paying for it) and there are always bazillion things on the schedule. As a kid, we used to eat them a lot since there was no cereal, yoghurt or bagels for breakfast. I’m going to squeeze in one more workout for the week and then off to a busy weekend. I’m hosting a weekly link up over summer specifically for salads of all types, every Sunday! I've made the transition from baking and cooking gluten-free to creating raw vegan recipes that are naturally gluten free. From these tests you can determine many infections and diseases, but to get the exact diagnosis they have to go through a proper clinical examination, and this has to be carried out by a vet or laboratory to confirm whether there are any problems that will need attention. If the droppings look like this then it is a sign that the birds are basically in a good, healthy condition. One of the other main causes of this type of dropping is a respiratory infection, and this could have happened at a young age and may never have been properly addressed.

Normally, between six and twelve weeks is the period when birds seem to be at their most vulnerable. All the birds in the infected pen will need the same treatment: an oral dosage of an anti-coccidiosis treatment such as Amprol. I have had the birds checked and the results have often been negative, but I hate to admit that once this stage is reached there is not a lot of hope for the bird. Non-licensed products are restricted due to the birds producing eggs and meat for human consumption.
By Thursday, I’m usually ready for a hot tub and wine but this week I did something different. You can add any fruit you wish, I added raspberries, black berries and blueberries  to mine! Drizzle the honey over the fruit and again, gently mix until the fruit is evenly coated with the honey.
I am lucky enough to have a berry farm right down the road from where I live and they have some of the best strawberries! My gluten intolerance opened up my diet to a whole new world of nutritious plant-based foods. The signs are usually very plain to see, and in most cases there is a cure if the problem can be caught at an early enough stage. Many of today’s wormers are prescription only and will need to be obtained from a proper poultry vet.
Transmitting worms is very much the same as with most diseases: bird to bird, from infected ground, or again by us on our feet.
When I was younger (it sounds funny cause in the eyes of 40 year olds, I’m still young), I drank way more. I also shared Clean Eating Ingredients I Buy and Kitchen Appliances +Tools I Use. Please buy local, organic and fair trade whenever feasible. It is necessary to dose every bird in the pen to both stop further infection and to treat any other birds, which will probably also be affected. This time, I literally sprinkled chicken breasts with garlic powder and a bit of salt and pan fried for 7 minutes on each side.
Any other birds in the same area will probably have picked up the worm as they pecked around in the pen, and transmission is very easy, and also very quick. Fresh shavings on the shed floor will soon show up any problem droppings (they always stand out extremely well on clean shavings), and if coccidiosis is present there will be droppings that have a bloody-red appearance, and when examined the droppings will contain what look like small jelly like worms, which are red in colour. I quit about 2.5 years ago thanks to Chalene Johnson and her amazing workouts that I still think are the best!!!

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