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People on a renal diet must avoid consuming too many liquids, especially soda, coffee, water, milk, tea, and soup.
Kidney disease patients who are on dialysis must consume more protein than those who are not, including beef, poultry, fish, and cheese. Renal patients should consume foods that are low in phosphorous, including squash, zucchini, and broccoli. People who follow a renal diet must avoid consuming too many liquids, as this will force the kidneys to work harder. Kidney disease patients who are on dialysis are required to take in more protein than patients who are not currently receiving this treatment.
Patients who suffer from kidney disease often have an overabundance of potassium in their bodies.
In order to avoid consuming too many foods that contain phosphorous, the renal patient should limit intake of peanut butter, dark colored soft drinks, nuts, ice cream, and other foods that have high phosphorous content. Under the care of a medical professional, a kidney disease patient can follow a renal diet that will improve his or her health. I've been following the National Renal Diet for a few years because I have compromised kidney function.

I think that many renal diet foods vary, because there are several different types of kidney disease. The kidneys are responsible for removing excess fluids from the body, and they also keep red blood cells functioning properly and maintain healthy bones. Those with kidney disease who drink excessive liquids will experience swelling, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and further kidney deterioration. When a body contains high levels of potassium, the heart can stop functioning without warning. Too much sodium, or salt, causes the body to retain water, which in turn causes patients to experience breathing difficulties and swelling. Instead, he or she should eat more broccoli, sherbet, zucchini, squash, and other foods low in phosphorous. The goal of this diet is to help the kidneys eliminate waste and fluids from the body in a more efficient manner.
When a person who has kidney disease does not follow the proper diet, the body cannot efficiently eliminate fluids and waste. Foods and liquids such as coffee, soda, water, milk, tea, soup, and ice cream should rarely be eaten.

In order to combat this danger, patients should eat more fruits and vegetables that have smaller amounts of potassium. When a kidney patient suffers from fluid retention, the kidneys must work harder to function. By avoiding foods that cause the kidneys to work harder, the patient can enjoy stronger bones, a healthier heart, lower blood pressure, and an overall sense of well-being.
In order to limit sodium intake, renal patients should avoid consuming too much processed food and season what they eat with garlic and other types of spices. Patients should remember that nearly all foods have some potassium and should therefore monitor serving portions.

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