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Fill a medium saucepan with 1-inch of water and heat to below a simmer over medium-low heat.  Use a medium size, heat-proof bowl that will sit on the saucepan but not touch the water or bottom of the pan. I’m making Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, bread stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc.) But this year I won a Paula Deen Spiral ham from Food Buzz along with a $250 stipend to help pay for my Thanksgiving dinner!
For the past 14 years of our marriage, we have always gone to eat with my folks in Garland and we’re good with that.
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Eselpee, I saw someone making a meat loaf recipe that was using old bread mixed in milk on tv. Nope my mom made it and she used the brown sugar Not sure why but yep, it was pretty oozy!
I already commented right after Thanksgiving, but I had to come back to tell you I’m making this pie again for Christmas. I hate following recipes and true this one took a little work, but the end results were amazing!!

The saltines works fine, you can’t even tell they are in it, but I think it needs to be baked longer, mine was a little mushy in the middle once cut but everyone ate it anyways! Unless noted to the contrary, all trademarks and other intellectual properties on this site are owned by Societe des Produits Nestle S.A.
The past few months have been so hectic, we both feel like a having a quiet Thanksgiving dinner at home. I tested several brands and types, Earth Balance Original Buttery Spread made a thicker filling out of all.
And I thought that might work in the pecan pie to help thicken it up and keep it moist as it baked. It’s interesting that last Saturday at the Farm Sanctuary Celebration a lady at my table mentioned she had not found a vegan Pecan Pie recipe. I don’t know if we reduced it too much, but we followed the timing in recipe and did not use a deep dish. If I wanted to replace the sugar with coconut sugar, would that make a big difference in the recipe? The butterscotch is more subtle than I thought it would be, but it works because I was afraid the pie would be too sweet.

My boys usually want me to make Peanut Butter Kiss cookies, it’s one of their favorites.
We also found the crust to be very dry and I would probably use a different crust next time. I’ve been an online subscriber for 2 years and they just about have a video for every recipe. I might suggest taking this for a test run and making adjustments if you are making it for a special occasion like a holiday. Cooking it about an hour helped it set a little better, but made it a little tough to cut through the next day.

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