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It wasn't until I was nearly done that I realized most sausage and pepper sandwiches have some kind of sauce. When the broccoli rabe is completed, stir within the butter, Parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper till the meat sauce has thickened.
But if you're lacking an outdoor grill, and still want to dig into an enormous sausage and pepper sandwich, then read on. Fortunately, all you have to do is saute them in a skillet for a few minutes to finish the job.

I didn't want to deal with any more cooking, so I tossed the peppers and onions in a large bowl with fresh basil and balsamic oil, which lightened up the roasted vegetables while adding a bit of sweetness. Stir within the garlic, and proceed cooking till the sausage begins to brown, about H minutes extra. Most non-grill recipes simply cook everything in a skillet, a method that can certainly lead to a tasty meal, but lacks a certain something. While looking through some recipes, I noticed that a good number included mushrooms in the mix—something I'd never really experienced before.

It wasn't until I thought about roasted peppers, and how great they tasted, that I finally got the idea that everything should go in the oven.

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