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Salads are packed with vegetables, leafy greens, nutrients, iron and more a€“ but top it with a sugary, salty salad dressing and you may as well have gone down to your local burger joint.Tasty salad dressings are a myst. So wea€™ve rounded up our top 5 favourite healthy salad dressings that you can whip up in no time, bursting with flavour AND guilt-free.
It’s the healthy alternative to adding refined sugar andA gives the dressing a really good balance.
Try this one on for size, you wona€™t be craving unhealthy ranch anymore thata€™s for sure!

Regina, the creator of this recipe suggests using organic goata€™s milk yogurt, which isA veryA nutritious and easier to digest than cows milk! The adobo gives it a rich gorgeous flavour and the chipotle the perfect amount of spice to make your salad exciting.
We seriously recommend pairing it with the salad that goes along with this recipe, it has everything. Sweetness from the mango, spice from the chipotle, creaminess from the avocado and texture from the smoky pepitas.

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