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Cooking rice in the pressure cooker takes very little energy and cooking time, so whether you're trying to cut back on your gas use or lowering your electric bill if you're using an electric burner as I am now, cooking rice in the pressure cooker is a wise idea. This is a very basic recipe, nothing ingenious, but it wasn't so easy to find this information when I was looking for it, so I wanted to make it easier for you readers to find, so that you, too, can make rice very quickly in the pressure cooker. If you want to make this with long grain brown rice, you need a 1:2 ratio of rice to liquid, and you'll need to bring the pot to pressure for 15 minutes instead of 4.

I especially love my pressure cooker for making chicken soup, split pea soup, gizzards, necks, and beans.
The amount of water in this recipe is not a typo- because you're making it in the pressure cooker, steam isn't escaping as quickly as in a regular pot, so you need less water than you would otherwise.
I'm Penny, frugalista extraordinaire, tree hugging, real food eating, gluten free living, homeschooling, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, DIYer who loves the challenge of having an awesome life on a very limited budget!I started this site to share my ideas with others, hopefully they'll help you live within your budget as well!Suggestions welcome via email.

If you're hungry and need something starchy with which to fill your stomach as fast as possible, making rice in the pressure cooker is the perfect solution.

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