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And how does cleaning out your pantry help you from cleaning out your wallet? Wasting less food, fewer last-minute trips to the grocery store, maybe even relying less on eating at restaurants. I often rely on skillet dinners (dinners that can be cooked entirely in one pot) to feed my family.
If you’re just starting out with flexipes, a skillet dinner is an easy place to start. Vegetables If I have onions (which I usually have since they’re cheap and store well), I use them in all my skillet creations.
I had about half a pound of a ground-beef-and-black-bean mixture left over from another meal.
Egg dishes like quiches and frittatas can easily be manipulated, depending on what you have on hand. One of the challenges with flexipe cooking is finding flavors that do complement each other. When you’re just starting out, you can also look for inspiration in the restaurants and recipes around you. My brother and I both grew up watching our mom cook but we are total opposites in the kitchen.
I am good at mixing things into eggs or throwing something a tortilla but don’t make very complex dishes without a recipe for a guide. I honestly didn’t know there were people out there who follow cooking recipes step-by step (baking I understand, since the results are much more dependent on exact ratios of ingredients). I enjoy cooking a great deal, even in my postage stamp sized kitchen and Easy Bake Oven sized stove. Sauteed chicken breasts is another great flexipe…you need an allium (onion, garlic, leeks or shallot), an acid (wine, lemon juice, vinegar), some additions (veggies, cooked beans, whatever) and appropriate spices. I also love the one pan method & often add veggies to steam on top of rice during last few minutes of cooking.
I’ve gotten over that phase, and now I go radical on things, always wanting to try something new, always tweaking. We are excited to welcome you to Pocket Change Gourmet, a collaborative effort aimed at helping families rediscover the joy of cooking a delicious frugal meal together.

Because once you gain confidence in your own meal creation skills, you may prefer the challenge of creating a delicious meal out of random parts, so to speak. Diced tomatoes (or a can of salsa), celery, frozen corn, garlic, sliced cabbage, bell peppers, green chiles, and greens have all had their turn. To that, I added some brown rice, chopped up a very ripe tomato, added another can of diced tomatoes and green chilis, some Mexican blend cheese, salt, pepper, chili powder, and a couple of diced bacon strips (because bacon makes everything better). Vegetables can easily be swapped in soups, along with the liquid base and different types of proteins. Savings interest rates may be low, but that is all the more reason to shop for the best rate. In the past I’ve saved a lot of money by cooking with rice, peas, and onions but these recipes listed here have given me some ideas, thanks for sharing. Even though it is almost 3 pages long I recommend the recipe (it is so long due to the extreme flexibility of the recipe). The entire POINT of soup (and stir fry, too!), IMO, is to cook whatever is starting to look a bit off.
When the leftovers start to accumulate in the fridge, but we don’t have enough of any one meal to go around for everyone, we just set all the containers on the table and let everyone grab what they want.
There’s a lot more to saving money (and getting rich slowly) than cutting coupons and shopping deals at the grocery store.
My diet is somewhat strict and unfortunately many of the cheaper foods are forbidden in my body so I make the best financially of what I can consume. Dry pasta is a cheap pantry staple, and tastes good tossed with just about any vegetable(s) sauteed in olive oil and garlic and sprinkled with a little cheese.
Find another recipe!) But then I discovered a recipe in a cookbook that had the same basic ingredients (meat, pasta, diced tomatoes), but the recipe authors gave suggestions on how to use different spices (chili powder or Italian seasoning) and cheeses (mozzarella vs. Denser items like carrots and potatoes may need to be chopped into small pieces and precooked or added at the beginning.
Dried macaroni also can cook in the pan if enough liquid (water or tomato juice) is present.
Her recipes lend themselves to flexible cooking, and she also gives tips on adapting the recipes.

So this morning, when I sauteed some mushrooms and added some scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese was thrown in, too. Find the highest savings interest rates and CD rates from Synchrony Bank, Ally Bank, GE Capital Bank, and more. But a little flexibility and creativity in the kitchen does indeed help stretch the budget.
My family was initially dubious to find black beans and spaghetti pasta in their Quiche but decided it is probably O.K if it tastes good – and it did! I find a wok is easier to use and You can get more food in there and possibly have leftovers for lunch the next day.
So you could have a slice of pizza from two nights ago alongside stir fry from the night before, followed by some fresh cut carrot sticks. It’s also really easy to make sauce in the food processor with fresh or canned tomatoes, whatever vegetables you have on hand, and some seasoning. Is it because you can’t really envision in your head how something will taste, so you prefer someone to lead you exactly? However, if I am using something that takes longer to cook (like brown rice), I cook the rice separately (creating another dish to wash) and add it at the end.
For instance, I don’t have a great color sense, so I can kind of understand how someone might not be able to think in flavors.
In case you don’t, I have some recipes that you will want to add to your list and don’t forget about the Thanksgiving Leftovers! I love these mini cheeseburgers because you can add variety to your burgers in small bites.5. Mud PieWhile most of the summer dessert for us consists of berries sometimes I like to add a little surprise in.

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