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I marinated the salmon steak and left it overnight – grilled it in the oven and put it in the stew about 6mins before the stew was ready. I can’t even say how many times I told myself that I was going to go get some fish to cook. Join AvartsyCooking today and have instant access to print the recipe, along with more exclusive benefits!

It pretty easy to make and the spices used are a bit different from spices used in regular, everday Naija food cooking. Step-by-step guides to preparing popular Nigerian snacks and meals, cooking tips and much more! Cover and let cook over medium heat for 45 minutes (check and add 1 cup water every 15-20 minutes, if this is not done, your soup consistency will be too thick).

If you start now, you’ll be a pro in your twenties, so be your mum’s little helper whenever you can!

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