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In Italy spaghetti is served with just the sauce the meatballs were cooked in, and then, as a second course,A  the meatballs are served on a new plate with a salad.
Meatballs are the ultimate frugal meat dish – the addition of breadcrumbs lets you make more with less without compromising flavor or appearance.
And speaking of frugality, after serving this dish you’ll have enough tomato sauce left-over to freeze for one more pasta meal. Leave a comment and photo, below, to let us know how you serve delicious pressure cooker meatballs! The reason I do them this way is that I am not a great pot watcher and have thrown out many a big pot of mushy spaghetti because I have over cooked it.
Thanks for sharing your Instant Pot technique – it will certainly be useful to some readers!
Laura, do you think these meatballs might fall apart if I made them a bit larger to save rolling time?
Well, pressure cooker meatballs (with breadcrumbs) have a tendency of not looking very nice on their own because they grow during cooking – they MUST be covered in some kind of sauce. The meatball recipe from the book has a few more steps, so make your decision based on time – they are BOTH fantastic. I don’t have much trouble with meat gumming up the gears, but depending on its consistency, it sometimes does need a little encouragement to release from the scoop. If I wanted to double the meatball portion (to freeze for another meal), would the same cook time work? An easy way to portion meatballs is to roll meat in wax paper or saran, chill in freezer or 15 minutes or so, unwrap and slice and roll into ball. Babotie, a surprisingly and elegant casserole that is so diffused in South Africa that it has become the country’s national dish.

Being from South African and knowing how good Bobotie is, I really liked this recipe and the fact that it could be made so quickly in the pressure cooker. Ansie, thank you so much for your message – it means alot to me that a South African enjoyed it!! Comments containing links, photos or from new members are moderated may take a few hours to display. A I make them often so I’ve streamlined the whole process to dirty as few dishesA as possible. A The more practical new-world Italian Americans turned this two course meal into a single dish by simply serving the meatballs on topA of the spaghetti.
A The bread crumbs are also the secret to tender meatballs – the more bread you add, the more tender and bread-puddingly the meatballs become. A I bring the pasta water to a boil in a separate pan once I’ve closed the pressure cooker.
Drop them and a drizzle of sauce on an island of mashed potatoes, tuck them next to steamed rice or slice them in half, line them up on a small baguette and cover with mozzarella cheese; slide that under the broiler for a few minutes for aA meatball sub!
Bring water to boil, add noodles, close lid and cook for zero minutes (1 minute for linguini).
Maybe I never had a good quality scoop (too late now, no trigger scoops in Italy), but whenever I’ve tried using one in the past I always spent more time un-sticking the meat from inside the scoop that gummed-up the gears than just making the meatballs by hand!
With a 6L, you could probably increase the recipe by 50% (increase everything including the tomato puree’ and water this amount). Requests for permission to reproduce or distribute materials available on this website should be submitted via the contact form. Under no circumstances will hip pressure cooking, or its agents, be liable for any loss or damage caused by your reliance on any content or comments posted published here.

A Make your own breadcrumbs out of sourdough bread, or whole wheat crackers and then pop them in the chopper or electric grater.
A If I have any left-over meatballs (which is rare in my family) I break them up and toss them in the leftover sauce. A Then, when the meatballs are just finished their 5-minute pressure cooking time and I’m waiting for the 10-Minute Natural Release, I dump the dry spaghetti in the boiling water and cook them. Sometimes, right before making the meatballs, I slice and slide a tray of potato wedges in my little toaster oven and the kids love eating the meatballs and dipping these oven fries into the tomato sauce. Already, with the amount of meat in the recipe, these meatballs settle into about two layers I think a fourth layer will bring them over the MAX FULL line of a 6L cooker cooker.
A Today’s busy old-world Italians, seeing the practicality of this arrangement, are starting to introduce this dish on their dinner table as well. They absorb a bit of the liquid during cooking (due to the bread) and grow about about 50%.
I look for the common thread in all of the recipes to determine the base, and then garnish and add according to various ingredients that seem to go well together and would not be out of place in this region.
I made this last night and my fella and I… disclosureThis website contains affiliate links. Then, even if a pressure cooker version exists, I translate it to the pressure cooker myself from the original or base recipe to make sure that it’s as close to the original as possible (but faster). In the case of the South African Babotie, no pressure cooker version exists so I proudly present you another “first”!

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