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Coddled eggs are made by very briefly immersing an egg in the shell in boiling water (to cook in water just below the boiling point) to slightly cook or coddle them. Deviled eggs have their roots in ancient Roman recipes with the first published recipes for stuffed, boiled eggs were from medieval Europe. Scrambled eggs make a delicious and quick meal, but there is a little science to getting them just right.
As the egg starts to lose its freshness and more air enters the egg, it will begin to float and stand upright. The yolk of a very fresh egg will have a round and compact appearance and it will sit positioned quite high up in the middle of the egg.
A less fresh egg will contain a flatter yolk, that may break easily and a thinner white that spreads quite far over the plate. Eggs are sold in a range of standard sizes, the most common being jumbo, extra large, large, and medium. Ropey strands of egg white which anchor the yolk in place in the center of the thick white. Chalazae does not interfere with the cooking or beating of the white and need not be removed, although some cooks like to strain them from stirred custard.
If you hold up two (2) eggs and one is hard-boiled and the other is raw, you might wonder how to know which is which.
Serve eggs and egg-rich foods immediately after cooking or refrigerate and use within 3 to 4 days. Eggs are an excellent source of high-quality protein and are far less expensive than most other animal-protein foods.
2013-03-06 by Mary Ellen 24 Comments Beef, rice and cabbage in a tomato sauce tastes just like cabbage rolls with half the work.
I think without an actual weight for the cabbage we are going to have somewhat different results.
I’ve not tried to freeze it but if I was going to I would do it after it is assembled and before it is baked. 2013-06-02 by Mary Ellen Leave a Comment Homemade Chicken Salad wrapped in a basil tomato tortilla with lettuce, sunflower seeds and crumbled blue cheese.

One surprise in this might be a few dashes of Tabasco sauce something I learned from a chef I once worked for years ago. 2013-11-05 by Mary Ellen 67 Comments Amazing pretzel rolls, good with anything or by themselves. I haven’t jumped on the pretzel bandwagon yet either, but these have inspired me to!! Grab a pizza crust, some taco meat, cheese, taco chips and soon you will be serving a delicious taco pizza your family is sure to love. I first started making a taco pizza about 20 years ago or more when I was taking a pizza cooking class and taco pizza was one of the pizza we made that night. Almost every day, you hear this age-old myth: Whole eggs are bad for you because they contain too much cholesterol and fat. Washing is a routine part of commercial egg processing and the eggs do not need to be rewashed. I’ve been making them this way for years… Father in law approved is a good thing! If you don’t like blue cheese, feta cheese is good also or put some shredded cheese right into your chicken salad.
I would go over to Mel’s and look at her directions, she really gave great details on the process if you are not an experienced bread baker.
I have been wanting to make pretzel bites but I don’t have a recipe and your recipe sounds really good plus they are gorgeous.
I made homemade pizza dough but if you are in a hurry buy it redi-made, there are some really good ones out there now. Add extra water to the beef instead of browning it and make a mushy kind of mixture by stirring the water into the ground beef. A few months ago I signed up with Tasti-Lee Tomatoes to get some coupons from them to try their tomatoes.
I use pork sausage with my ground beef when I make the cabbage rolls so that is why you see an addition of sage here. This is a recipe that you can pick and choose whatever you like best to make your wrap with.

We discovered pretzel rolls last year (they are genius) and we absolutely love the ones from Costco.
Sometimes your favorite pizza place will even sell their dough, ask the next time you get a pizza. I will be featuring this recipe on my site tomorrow for Tasty Tuesdays, please stop by and grab at button over at Detours in Life.
If it is more than fits in yours, mix it all together and put what you can in the 9 x 13 pan and add the rest to another casserole dish. Sometimes I do this and go ahead and add everything in but I feel like I get it more crumbly when I add it after the meat is a little cooked. I am not a big fresh tomato lover, there are only a couple of ways I will usually eat them fresh, bruschetta and salsa. I just learned this little tip in the last couple of years, after wondering forever how they did it so now I am sharing it with you just in case you ever wondered the same thing.
I usually will pass on tomatoes in the winter entirely so I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor of these tomatoes. I finally saw this one from Mel’s Cafe and liked the fact she used milk in it for part of the liquid. When I got to the register I realized I actually had 2 coupons for the free tomatoes so since it was the last day I gave it to the cashier to use.
I also had a coupon for $1.00 off which I gave to someone back by the tomatoes whom you would of thought I had given them the best gift ever. As you know, if you read me often I rarely recommend products, but I felt I should share these tomatoes with you as I am sure you are tired of wasting hard earned money on tomatoes that taste like cardboard in the winter. After the pizza has been in the oven about 10 minutes add the crushed taco chips to the top of the pizza.

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