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Perfect results every time using any of these three barbecue roast beef recipes for the BBQ spit or rotisserie grill.
Make sure therea€™s a reasonable amount of fat on the beef because this will help keep it succulent throughout the cooking process. The great beauty of barbecue spit roasted beef is that you can set it off when the fire is hot and this will sear the outside and the inside will gently cook as your fire naturally subsides until beautifully tender.
Take care when inserting the rotisserie or spit rod both from a safety perspective and also try to balance the meat.
Whata€™s really difficult is to put a cooking time on any of these barbecue roast beef recipes because so much is down to individual taste and the thickness of the piece of meat. Equipment-wise I like to use a portable barbecue, fire at the side and the all important drip tray.
Barbecue Rubs pages for the full range and down below Ia€™ve just put a few of my favorites that complement these barbecue roast beef recipes.
This next of my barbecue roast beef recipes is better in my opinion simply slapped on the barbie and turned regularly over medium hot coals especially if ita€™s a smaller joint. 2014-06-23 by Mary Ellen 7 Comments Pressure Cooker Pork Roast is made in an electric pressure cooker with baby carrots and potatoes. When I went to get it out I spotted my new Pressure Cooker still in the box so I told him about that one.

This is not your grandmothers pressure cooker, I remember seeing a lid go flying off one as a kid and had been afraid of them ever since.
Follow me on Facebook, Google+ , Instagram or Pinterest to see when I post or share something new! The secret to cooking the best beef is to keep it simple with good quality beef, just rub on a few herbs and spices, keep on basting and let the barbecue do the rest. Give it a prod, if it springs back ita€™s rare, if the indentation stays its well done and if ita€™s a solid piece of beef properly cooked on the outside, ita€™s safe to eat. Perfect for catching the drips and basting, but also protecting the fire from excessive fat that may cause flames and your fire to burn quicker.
Depending on your set up you can catch the juices that drip from the joint so just spoon them back over the meat at regular intervals and you crank up the flavour!
Dona€™t forget the value you add to all of these barbecue roast beef recipes - keep on basting!
Canning got me past that but still I have a healthy respect for something cooking under pressure. If ita€™s a rolled joint make sure ita€™s cooked through because bacteria grow on the surface of beef and that surface is also inside the rolled joint. Grind up some sea salt and liberally mill in fresh black pepper, once the beef is on the spit rod just roll is in the mix.

Mix the other ingredients together in a bowl and rub away then let the meat rest for 1 hour whilst the rub works its magic. It was quiet and no sound of steam escaping, no rocking noise of that little gizmo on my canning one. A few days ago my friends husband asked me if I had one and I thought he meant a pressure cooker for canning so I was like sure I have one of those.
Dinner was supposed to be at 6 so I got there and both of them were in the kitchen trying to get it to go on. So me who never reads a instruction manual started reading and telling him which button to push. This was tender and cut beautifully but didn’t have that fall apart tender quality we wanted like a pulled pork. I think 15 more minutes would of given us that result so I added 15 minutes to the cooking time for this recipe.
All and all this is a great appliance for the kitchen and silly me kept it in the box for at least 3 years!

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