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As discussed in our Summer Promotions and Building Business with Frozen Blended Drinks blogs, blended drinks such as frappes and smoothies are big sellers for Cafes in warmer summer months.
Torani has released their Real Cream Frappe Base for the summer of 2013, that makes a real easy and quick variety of frappe drinks.
If your choice of frappe mix is powders, we have a variety of options there as well, from Caffe D’Amore, Big Train and Cafe Essentials.
Smoothies are very popular now as meal replacements, protein suppliers, tasty snacks or just a healthy specialty beverage to enjoy. Adding supplements or frappe mixes to your smoothie mix can make for a creamier, fruity drink. To help you get your blended frozen beverage program on the right track or for a minor tune-up, Stockton Graham & Co.
Everyday Savings ProgramEarn volume discounts on products for your specialty coffee business! Combine the limeade, tequila, triple sec, sugar, salt, and vanilla extract in a blender; fill with ice.

The top 5 smoothie flavors are strawberry, strawberry banana, mango, peach and wildberry, so any of these options will satisfy your customers.
Top them off with whipped cream, pieces of fruit, a drizzle of sauce or nuts to really impress your customers.
This is a huge and delicious market that you can easily take advantage of with a few products. Branch out by pouring different flavors into the same cup as a smoothie “mix-n-match”, it’s a 2 for 1 deal for your customers!
If you purchase one of our Blendtec or Vitamix blender options, you can receive FREE cases of assorted product from Jet, Torani, Caffe D’Amore or Dr.Smoothie! These sweet and tasty specialty beverages will sell themselves, and have customers coming to your cafe all summer long.
Our variety of allied products help create all these quick and easy drinks, so be sure to discuss all your options when talking to your Customer Care Associate. It’s been reported* that the top 5 frappe flavors are: mocha, caramel, coffee, vanilla and chocolate.

Programs for Mocafe and Cappuccine products will be coming soon! We also have promotions going on from Dr.
Give us a call at 800.835.5943 today to order some beverage mixes, or to discuss more recipe options with our sales team!
Offering at least one of these top 5 is a must, but explore more flavorings for a specialized option. Smoothie (Whey Protein Promotion) and Jet (Flavored Lemonade Promotion) that can get you FREE product with your purchase of blending concentrates, click the links above to learn more.

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