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One of the essences of the cloud is the scalability and flexibility engendered by the existence of fungible resources.
There’s a natural temptation to say that if your market, your internal estate, is large enough, then surely you can run your own cloud. I’ll now do a Meghdoot (meandering the way clouds are wont to do ), what do cloud players need to do to make the cloud environment less cloudy?
The cloud is about change, about the ability to respond to change: in architecture, in process and in business model.
If you build a cloud, to your customers it will indeed look like a cloud; but to you it will look like a regular datacenter. There certainly is no future in private clouds, but until the future arrives a pizza can be thought of as a vegetable.
If you build a cloud and it looks like a data center to you, then perhaps you have built a private cloud that the public can use.
If you build a location to house some physical assets and create a cloud system that can burst into other physical assets for resource, or economic, or other reasons, then you have a cloud. Those who are truly using the cloud today, have to actually build a system that will use several of these cloud providers and hope they have chosen them wisely (or just luckily most likely). Sharing is key attribute, yet the nature of humans is not all sharing, it’s quite personal. Definitely Tuesday, Tuesday is the middle of the week, once Tuesday is over the week just flies by.

According to the Huffington Post, in a story carried last Wednesday, Congress decided that pizza is a vegetable. How can their value proposition be distilled in a few easy to understand bullet points which appeal as much to the CEO and CFO as they do to the CIO. You as the cloud owner still have all of the issues of capacity planning and building to an unknown peak load.
But in reality, you have cloud providers who have a large (or even several, or one, not so large) private computing facilities (data centers) who are calling themselves cloud providers. Those who are truly using the cloud today have to build systems that can use several infrastructure providers. There was a light yet generous tomato sauce, lots of cheese, soft in the middle, a little crisping at the edge; some onion, some garlic, amazing fresh herbs. For it to make economic sense, the fungibility needs to extend beyond the boundaries of the firm. You will need to acquire capacity for peak rather than average, and then to defray those peak-associated costs. Trading supply and demand across a host of companies in the market, not just within your corporate boundaries.
Your customers are going to be very unhappy to find out that you are running a private cloud when they all need resources at the same time. But I’m biased, I know what you can build, and I know you know how to build a cloud infrastructure and cloud services.

If all the people sharing something belong to the same firm, then it’s zero sum all over again.
Highly powerful not at all shared personalized devices combined with Cloud sharing of stateful information. The organisation may be risk-averse enough to warrant paying a significant premium for the luxury of its own data centre. The organisation may choose to adopt a hybrid environment for a period, both data centre as well as cloud, as the estate is migrated piece by piece. But the economics and business model of car are different from the economics and business model of taxi. Once you share *beyond* the boundary, and you can burst out and burst in, then you have cloud. And as I said earlier, perhaps not everything gets migrated, constrained by regulation or the need for millisecond speed.

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