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If you’re using regular miso paste, same recipe, just use vegetable broth or dashi broth in place of water.
We gave homemade dashi over NY and it was a disaster thanks to me using dried seaweed instead o kombu. Miso is absolutely delicious and has been making a comeback for it’s health benefits. Please explain all the different types of miso in oriental groceries and which type to choose for miso soup.
Create a new family favourite with these juicy lamb chops cooked in homemade peanut satay marinade. This is a simple, everyday approach to miso soup - it yields me a bowl of soup in five or ten minutes. I would argue that this post is less a miso soup recipe, and more an encouragement to give it a go in your own kitchens. Miso Choice: This time around I used an organic white miso, but I'd encourage you to experiment with a range of misos. Cook the soba noodles in salted water, drain, run cold water over the noodles to stop them from cooking, shake off any excess water and set aside. Split the noodles between two (or three) bowls, and pour the miso broth and tofu over them. I boil three or four cups of water, mix in the appropriate amount of red miso paste, add the chopped tuber and let cook for ten minutes. When Diane and Todd were over, the first thing my boys did right after waking up in the morning was run over to the cottage to wake them up and drag them to the house to make their famous breakfast.

Instead of using chicken, vegetable or beef broth (in soups and in cooking dishes), Japanese recipes will call for dashi broth instead. Are you still on the search for the best of the best or have you settled on Folgers per your fancy friend’s advice?
He absolutely loves miso soup and actually orders it for breakfast when he is out of town for business. I have a container of Cold Mountain white miso in my fridge and it contains only vegetable products. Well, after a couple days of nothing but crackers and popsicles, it was miso soup that eventually brought me back to the land of functioning human beings.
Let me know if you have any recommendations for your all-time favorite miso pastes - or if you blend, let me know your favorite blends as well. This soup is a traditional recipe in which we use dashi for the base, then mix with miso paste. My body craves savory Japanese flavors in the morning and miso soup, fortified with egg, mushrooms, tofu and whatever leafy greens I have will hit the spot. Whatever fresh mushrooms you have (below I have Japanese mushrooms), whatever leafy greens you want (spinach, bok choy, napa cabbage) and whatever firmness of tofu you want. I usually use whatever is in the ‘fridge, which is usually mushrooms, bak choy, red bell pepper, leek, and bean sprouts.
I took all the extra ingredients and put them in baggies ready to dump into a small pot and fix for breakfast without thinking much.
I wish that miso soup becomes the part of our routine, as I usually have all the ingredients at hand (and if not, there are two Asian supermarkets in the neighborhood!

Our local Cost Plus World Markets don’t carry it in the big city of Portland apparently.
The first few pots were simply a couple tablespoons of light, mild white miso paste whisked into water with a pinch of salt - but I began to build from there.
You can take miso soup in a thousand different directions depending on how you are feeling, what's in season at the markets, or the time of year. I'd be up for tracking down some new miso pastes - not just for soups, but for dressing and drizzles, and all that fun stuff as well. Pour a bit of the hot water into a small bowl and whisk in the miso paste - so it thins out a bit (this step is to avoid clumping).
Then, after mixing up the miso paste with hot water, I throw in a handful of spinach into the hot soup along with the egg sliced in half. I tend to use lighter miso pastes in warmer months and the darker ones when I'm after a heartier, more substantial soup - sometimes I do a blend of two pastes.
I separate the greens from the tuber and chop the greens into one inch lengths and the tuber into bite size lengths.
Also, some miso pastes are less-salty than others, so you may need to add a bit of salt here. A tiny drizzle of toasted sesame oil is often a welcome addition, and mushrooms are a natural fit as well.

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