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Bone broth promotes healing, supports digestion, contains highly absorbable minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium), bolsters bone and joint healing, aids in detoxification and supports the immune system. To learn about the healing properties of this medicinal food and how to make bone broth, check out my two-part series: Bone Broth: Can Food Be Medicine?
If you can’t eat soup without a side of crackers, then check out my recipe for Almond Thins, they put Wheat Thins to shame.
About Vanessa RomeroVanessa Romero, founder of Healthy Living How To and Healthy Living With Essential Oils, is a healthy living enthusiast with a background in Personal Training, Metabolic Testing and Nutrition Coaching.
This confection made of layer upon layer of fruits, nuts, and creamy, chocolate-y goodness migrated all the way from France (as most desserts do) to American shores and became a staple of parties, barbecues, and children’s treats.

This liquid gold is truly medicine, the best part, you can’t overdose on it and it carries no ill side effects! Here’s what you can do though, get yourself a whole roasting chicken and make chicken bone broth. Her passion, is to help others achieve optimal health, through a wellness approach that encompasses living healthy in mind, body and spirit. But, like what many desserts do, they add more pounds to your weight and more guilt and frustrations to your life. All that leftover meat, bones, skin and carcass are the makings for a delicious bone broth.

Then modify the recipe below; instead of turkey bone broth use chicken bone broth and instead of ground turkey thigh use ground chicken. I just started a weekly Paleo AIP Recipe Roundtable through my blog, and I would love it if you linked up this recipe.

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