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Passed down to me from my mother, this traditional Bengali dish -- known more commonly in the Bengali community as macher jhol -- is a simple sauteed fish in a spiced water-based gravy.
The AHH Factor: This fish preparation has been passed down in Bengali families for generations. Swai is a Vietnamese catfish, which is marketed as "swai" because it can't legally be called "catfish" in the U.S. When it comes to being a foodie, the only two things I can really claim expertise in are Indian food and red velvet cake.
Well, you can't have Thanksgiving Dinner without gravy, and this savory recipe makes for a truly delicious one--worthy of your turkey and mashed potatoes. In a large heavy saute pan, melt butter and saute onions on medium heat, stirring frequently for about 15 to 20 minutes until onions are caramelized to a rich golden brown.
To make the gravy, heat the oil in a pressure cooker pan and roast the cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamom.
Then add the cashews paste into the pressure cooked gravy, mix well and cook for 3 to 5minutes over simmer. Serving Suggestion: Serve the mutton chili cashew gravy with the idli, dosai, white rice, chapathi or naan.

This Tex-Mex dish is so easy to make, and you probably have most of the ingredients on hand. 3.Stir in flour and continue stirring for 3-4 minutes, or until it makes a light brown roux. 4.Add remaining dry ingredients and continue to cook for 1 minute, constantly stirring and blending ingredients. 2.Pour 1-2 Tablespoons oil in a small or medium skillet and heat tortillas, one at a time, on each side.
Now add Red Chili Powder, Cumin Seeds Powder and Turmeric Powder, saute until raw smell leaves.
Figuring I'd best leave the red velvet cake blog to someone in the South, here's my take on Indian food in southern California.
Macher jhol, literally "fish in gravy," is a dish my mom has in her regular dinner rotation, and this is one variation of her many ways of making it.
My mom seemed to take my asking for the recipe as a "teachable moment," as she's spent the past several weeks lecturing me about how I spent way too much money on the ingredients. Mix these three items together well, then let the mixture sit in your fridge for about 30 minutes before using.

Apparently, I was supposed to go to an Indian grocery store to buy the spices and to an Asian-focused farmers' market for the fish. Still, I think she was secretly happy that I asked for her recipe, and I'm secretly happy that it turned out well -- though we'll never admit that to each other. ReplyDeletewei cocoFebruary 1, 2015 at 11:20 PMIf you are active at centermost and yield achievement in gucci replica actuality in the administration of fullest, we acquire a custom made backpack with one addition with your cast on it. Our possibilities of ample custom fabricatedhandbags are attainable in amusement and blue designs, allowing that you amuse your backpack for the replica handbagsmood. Be the backbiting of your pals by possessing a backpack to amuse the shoes aural your wardrobe.
I have filtered for qualified edifying substance of this calibre all through the past various hours.

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