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Pair with one quart (one liter) of freshly made vegetable juice containing green vegetables, along with various fruits.
The raw food diet allows for lots of fruit and vegetables, and gets protein from nuts and seeds. Probably the next best thing to having a low fat raw food chef show you how to make these great raw food dishes in your own home! Inspiration, education and gorgeous food, with plenty of new great recipes to help you keep going on raw foods. Professional DVDs with recipes that are not loaded with oil, salt and unhealthy ingredients, so that you feel AMAZING after eating them.
During all that time, the single-most requested product I've been asked to create has always been a DVD series, showing how to make raw food recipes on the screen. One of the biggest problems with the raw food diet is that although it's easy to understand the basic principles, the practical application is very difficult to figure out unless you have someone teaching you in person. When I decided that it was time to create my own Raw Vegan DVD series, I had only one goal in mind: I wanted to make those DVDs the very best in the world, showing people the essentials of the low-fat raw vegan cuisine. In order to make sure my own DVD series would be at least better than what's already available on the market, I went out and bought every single DVD ever produced on raw vegan cuisine.
Every single one of these DVDs presented a very HIGH-FAT, unhealthy raw food cuisine, with 101 variations on how to eat nuts and avocados. In fact, these DVDS should be relabeled "The Avocado, Nut and Olive Oil Cuisine" as it seemed to me that all of their recipes contained these items. There were no DVDs that showed you how to eat a HEALTHY raw food diet a€” the kind that I recommend a€” one that's low in fat and doesn't contain any added salt or strong condiments, yet is tasty and delicious.
Most of their recipes seemed very complicated, with a lot of nuts, dehydration and complex procedures. The two DVDs in the series literally show every single kind of essential raw food meal you can make. Throughout the DVD, charts and slides highlight the main points and give additional information. Frederic, I just HAVE to email you to compliment you on the FANTASTIC job you did on these DVDs!!!
If that happens to you, then you probably don't have a good arsenal of fat-free recipes you can make. Te second DVD in the series contains the rest of the low-fat cuisine techniques, with recipes incorporating whole foods such as avocados, nuts, seeds, etc. If you're looking for a DVD that will show you how to make high-fat raw versions of every cooked dish on the planet (like pizza or cheese-burger), you will not find what you're looking for in this series. Physical Version: $59.95 Your DVDs Will Be Shipped Out Immediately You So Can Start Making Delicious Low-Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine! Digital Download Version: $29.95 You will be able to download your videos immediately via a link sent to your email!
I loved the simplicity of recreating the recipes in the Low Fat Raw Vegan DVD Series and the tips & tricks to adapt the recipes to your own preferences. As a raw fooder, the DVDs gave me a more enthusiasm for the creativity and variation for presenting my raw foods at meal time. These recipes allow you to enjoy the tastes and textures of your favorite foods, like pizza or cinnamon rolls, without the harmful effects of cooking or the use of refined processed ingredients.
Totally Raw provides three methods of feeding your pet: Complete Ground Dinners, Whole Foods and our newest addition Balanced Blends. Each option contains a  variety of proteins provided in a balanced form (muscle meat, organs and bone). The Ground Food Monthly Menu Plan provides pet owners with an example of a well balanced monthly schedule, using ground foods.

The Sample Whole Food Monthly Meal Plan provides pet owner’s with an example of a well balanced monthly schedule, using whole foods. Be careful not to over exercise your pup with long walks as this can cause permanent joint problems.
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Fiona I would love to thank the owners of Totally Raw Natural Dog food for the quality of their dog food. Roxie We are almost one month into our new lives as owners of a rat terrier puppy, and so it is time for us to thank you (again!) for all the advice and guidance you so patiently provided during our weeks of preparation. Scout Reemah was adopted from the Colchester SPCA at 4 months of age, she will be 4 in October. For those who may have felt curious about a raw vegan meal plan after my last post on the subject, I thought a little visual aid might help you understand what it really means in practice. A raw vegan meal plan is a great way to eat healthy, delicious meals, without having to spend time in the kitchen (or even grocery shopping!).
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Because no cooking takes place, a raw food meal plan may look very different than a traditional diet. Green leafy vegetables are high in iron and calcium, while a variety of produce provides vitamins and minerals as well as carbohydrates. I can GET the theory by reading a book, but when it comes to the practical application, I have to SEE how it works. In addition to being difficult to make, the recipes were equally difficult to digest!Last January, along with a crew of professionals, I created my own answer to this lack of good raw vegan DVDs.
Every other DVD only teaches high-fat, unhealthy recipes drenched in oils, nuts and avocados. Like a famous chef said "anything will taste good with salt and garlic!" It takes much more imagination and skills to make simple raw foods taste good.
The biggest problem with the raw food diet is the tendency people have to consume too much fat on it. We only focus on the OPTIMAL raw-food diet, by-passing completely the nutritionally inadequate high-fat raw food diet.
To anyone who is thinking of ordering these I say: when you receive and view these DVDs, you'll be so glad you did order them. Furthermore, there is just no denying how easy and quickly the food can be prepared and everything looked very delicious.
They will play in all North American DVD players and most European and other players, as long as they are set to accept this standard.
Not only was I able to, at last, prepare good recipes but I shared it with my clients (I am a trainer) and the interest was amazing. I own several books on the Raw Cuisine but sure these DVDs are better than all my books together. By trying to reproduce some recipes in the DVDs, it expanded my knowledge of the raw food kingdom and brought me to a higher level of interest with the low fat comprehension and new recipes with no fat at all. This is a diet that includes whole living foods but leaves out the meat and dairy products.
Since this destroys the nutritional value of the product we do not process it in this manner. Although many pet owners love the idea of feeding whole food, there are challenges  maintaining balance. If your pet eats several meals in a row that contain high bone content, his stool will become hard.

At seven months his feeding regime can be reduced to two feedings, and at one year old, decreased to one feeding each day.
This more stable growth pattern means abnormal skeletal growth such as hip dysplasia is not as prevalent as in kibble fed dogs. I love the fact they work with the breed and age of your dog, as well as any health issues you are facing with your Canine family member. When you order a meal plan, you can customise it to your specific needs and dietary requirements. My next stop was another Whole Foods trip and the stop at Williams-Sonoma for the new tools. I was eating my normal salad lunch while watching them for the first time and they made me want to go home and start preparing new meals from ideas from your DVD's. This is a MUST HAVE DVD set for beginners to establish a sound base as well for raw foodists for elaboration and various types of recipes.
Many stuck with the plans each and every week and I received reports of weight loss, improved blood sugar profiles, and healing on all levels. Since each Blend is balanced, you will no longer need to stick to a schedule, just thaw and serve. Each dinner includes muscle meats, organs and natural bones, based on the principles of the whole prey model. Not only are bones great for clean and healthy teeth and gums, they provide hours of enjoyment and important minerals. A meal plan can involve anything from just one meal per day to all three meals and even snacks. Try following these meal plans, or mix them up to create your own meal plan and find balance in a raw food diet. I especially like the fact that you don't use a bunch of exotic ingredients that most raw chefs try to use. If (up to 60 days after your purchase) you aren't 100% convinced that these are the BEST DVDs you've seen on the subject, simply return them and I'll make sure you get an immediate refund of your purchase price. I also enjoyed the raw food recipes to support colder climates and ingredient selection during these times.
Totally Raw Ground Dinners are ideal for puppies that lack the ability to chew whole foods. We tend to get off track and start fixing meals that take all our time and are not that good for the body, even if they are raw.
Dogs that gulp their food or are transitioning to raw can also benefit from our ground line.
As a result, smaller breeds can reduce the frequency of meals at a younger age than larger breeds. The Low Fat Raw Vegan DVD Series brings you back to the basics and simplicity of eating a plant base diet.
In addition, dogs that suffer from periodontal disease and lack the dentition to consume whole foods are excellent candidates for the ground line. Often pups the size of Cairn Terriers will be eating one meal per day by the time they are seven months old while a Mastiff pup will eat two meals until he is one year old. Regardless, dogs are not naturally adapted to eat and digest plant matter effectively, so do not need to consume it to maintain peak condition.

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