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With so many different brands and types out there, it’s easy to get confused on what to look for. Reputable companies that are producing raw foods will ensure the correct proportions of meat vs. organ vs. If you want to know what is in the raw food you are considering purchasing, just take a quick glance at the ingredient list. There are only a handful of brands that are renowned in the dog food industry for providing the highest quality raw foods.

You might be surprised to hear that feeding your dog a high quality raw food diet can be great for their overall health & longevity, and doesn’t have to mean you will spend as long prepping their meals as you do your own. There is nothing in the ingredient list you shouldn’t be able to read and understand. Visit our shop to discuss your best friend’s needs with a knowledgeable member of our team.
They also have sophisticated sterilizing procedures that help to eliminate food borne illness.

Making sure your raw food is a complete meal with real meat, bone and organ and added veggies to ensure your dog gets all the nutrition they need.

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