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Pet Samaritans are derbyshire stockists of the award winning Natures Menu diet for dogs and cats. Natures menu are committed to ensuring the meats they use in their products come with the highest welfare standards and traceability. Their range of complete and balanced bite size nuggets are provided as easy to serve, ice cube sized nuggets that you simply need to count out into your dogs bowl when frozen, leave to defrost (overnight or for around 2hrs) and then simply hand the bowl to your dog, its as simple as that!
They are a convenient way of feeding a complete and balanced raw diet, just as nature intended, and can be much easier than making up a dogs raw meals yourself at home.
Natures Menu only use in date, human grade meat from ethical freedom food assured farms, and all their food passes stringent safety tests. We stock the full range of natures menu available for collection from the Sanctuary in Chesterfield and usually have the Raw Complete and Balanced Bit Sized Nuggets 1kg bags, Just Minces and Raw Cat Food and Pouches range in stock.
We came across a great article that will tell you exactly what you need to do in order to help your pet transition to a raw food diet. Slow and steady does more than just win the race, it can also be a key to success when you are introducing a new pet food to your pet. It’s highly recommended when changing your pet’s food that you supplement current food with 25 percent of the new food to start, then 50 percent and 75 percent. Melinda Miller, author of the informational booklet – Beginnings has these tips for transitioning your pet to a raw food diet. For dogs –Miller suggests to ease into the transition in advance by adding probiotics (acidophilus) and digestive enzymes to your pet’s normal food a day or two in advance to making the switch.

For cats – Don’t be surprised if your finicky friend initially rejects this unfamiliar food. When serving – Raw food should be fully thawed and served at room temperature or slightly chilled. Raw Meat Diet for Dogs Visiting with my mother and her Boston Terrorists for the holidays, I learned about a raw meat diet for dogs from my step-brother‚Aos wife, who also has Boston Terriers. Raw meat including the bones found in meats such as chicken, turkey, lamb and elk are similar to what dogs would eat naturally if left in the wild.
Commercial pet foods contain additives and preservatives to keep the food fresh and smelling palatable.
When I bathed Sassy and Skippy, their fur was thin and Skippy has always been able to clear a room when he passes gas. Whether you feed your dog raw meat diet or a commercial brand of dog food, make sure your dog is receiving healthy fatty acids and a minimum of grains.
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Natural raw food inspired by mother nature with recipes and answers to common well-being issues. It takes all of the guesswork out of the entire process, and allows you to benefit from the wisdom of the author. These support a healthy digestive cycle and help your pet transition comfortably to a raw food diet.

Keep meat and poultry separate and make sure working surfaces, utensils, hands and other items that come in contact with the raw food food are cleaned with hot soapy water. So think about getting your pet healthy and strong, and that will help the transition go over a lot more smoothly. Since sudden changes disrupt your pet’s digestive system, it’s important to gradually change your pets diet by slowly introducing new food mixed with the old.
For the first few meals of the raw food diet, try their preferred protein source, and then begin rotating protein sources to add variety and to keep their interest.
You should be able to use the information provided in the article to make this transition go over a lot more smoothly. Chub will defrost in the refrigerator within 24 hours (three to four hours on the counter). You’ll be helping your fellow pet lovers by allowing them to benefit from your wisdom and experience.

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