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Metabolic Conditioning – which basically means short rest interval training with high rates of execution. Sports Specific – Strength, Power, Explosive Power, Strength Endurance, Speed, Deceleration, Bodyweight Conditioning.
Injury Prevention – Pre-hab and Re-hab through exercise and remedial massage therapy. Body Transformation – Functional Hypertrophy (Mass with Speed), Getting Lean for event without loss of performance. Nutrition – Eating the right things to achieve your goals be it, weight loss, muscle gain, getting lean. We advise all beginners to consider personal training and follow a basic programme set by your trainer Valentine Rawat. Valentine Rawat Personal Training and Rawfit does not enter into multilevel marketing schemes, this is wasted time for both you and I.

Ultimately our goal is to educate all our clients and to empower them to achieve their goals through combination of both fitness be it on a one to one personal training basis or group training and healthy eating based on each individual needs and performance levels. We take fitness and our health very seriously and our goal is to help YOU achieve peak long-term physical fitness.
All individuals will work with a coach on a one to one personal training basis or within a small group personal training basis either at the comfort of their own ehmos or in local parks. For beginners to exercise and fitness we will go through all the basic human biomechanics and basic programming.
Alongside that we run group personal training sessions in Bodyweight Conditioning (old fashioned circuit training with a twist), Kettlebell  and Indian Clubbell Classes and Outdoor Speed Training (aka High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT). Be sure you are ready to train, because we demand 100% of ourselves and from all our students and clients. If you have some friends who you think may benefit from training with us  then let us know and let them know.

I work with people to get them to learn how to eat effectively for their goals, with REAL nutritious flavoursome food, and not to take poorly concocted & generally not personalised supplements. We are here to empower you and show you how you can achieve your goals and keep moving forward. Not everyone can do that. If someone absolutely needs to use then then, they are exactly that – to supplement an already good diet, not to replace aspects of the diet. Remember anyone can make you tired and give you a beasting, but not every trainer can get you better.

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