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My carrot soup recipe, aka MohrrA?bensuppe, will probably become one of your favorites.
I like to make this different than the traditional green bean soup, which is similar to this recipe. German Blitz Torte Recipe made Just like Oma May 13, 16 01:25 PMThis German Blitz Torte recipe is such a quick and easy cake to make - great for holidays and birthdays. German Apple Cake Recipe made Just like Oma May 12, 16 11:27 PMThis German Apple Cake recipe is quick and easy and looks great too.

It's something you can quickly put together just before company comes, and then serve, still warm from the oven. If you want extra flavor, and don't mind a bit of extra work, brown meat first in a bit of oil.
Adjust seasonings to taste.Instead of using raw meat, add some sausage, kielbasa, or wieners. Then go to Quick German Recipes Facebook where there are over 64,000 German Foodie Fans who can help!

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