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Today I am showing my favorite new snack (and baby B’s new favorite)- Crispy Baked Shoestring Potato Fries! They are crunchy, slightly sweet, a little salty, and you won’t be able to stop eating them! The number one thing to remember when making these is that you need to cut your sweet potatoes so that it has a flat surface on both sides. I hope you love snacking on these crunchy fries as much as my family does- they are so good! The Best Grilled Chicken StripsDelicious, juicy, and flavorful – the best grilled chicken strips you’ll ever make come from a quick and easy marinade and this perfect grilling method! Easy Weekly Meal Plan #48Weekly Meal Plan Week 48 – 10 great bloggers bringing you a full week of recipes including dinner, sides dishes, and desserts! Yes- but I’m lazy so I like the spiralizer because it makes quick work ?? a mandoline works well too.

It took mine a bit over 30 minutes to just start to get crispy, and a couple of minutes after that many of them around the edges were burned.
If they are burning, I’d bake them a bit longer at a lower temperature and then just quickly broil them to make them crunchy. Put one end of the sweet potato on the small sliced prong, and the other end on the spiky fingers.
Mine tended to come out in more band like spirals, as if it wasnt completely separating them. They were long like band spirals- I just cooked them a bit longer and added a bit more olive oil and it made them so crunchy it just broke apart for my kids.
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My mom gifted me one of those handy contraptions last summer and I haven’t used it enough – this recipe will ensure I use it often!! It turns out that the newer models are made of very cheap plastic and don’t hold up well to the sweet potato and it broke. We contacted the seller and he gave us our money back, but I would have preferred having a Spirooli that worked!!! Have you discovered a heavy duty model that holds up to the sweet potato and other hard roots?

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