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Also known as a "half sheet", this is the perfect size for baking a full recipe of this stir-fry recipe. This recipe can be divided between two of these "quarter baking sheets"; a good option if the larger sheet won't fit in your oven or fridge. Skip the wok and make this easy, oven-baked sheet pan recipe with traditional Asian stir-fry flavors. Brush oil evenly over surface of 13x18" baking sheet (or, use 2 smaller baking sheets); set aside.
Like my Sheet Pan Fajitas, this recipe is another oven-roasted meal that is traditionally made in a skillet or wok on the stove-top. Asian stir-fries normally involve cooking ingredients in batches in a wok or skillet at high heat and then adding liquid at the end that thickens into a sauce.
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are my preference; but if you prefer thigh meat, it works well, too. NOTE: If you prefer crispier snow peas, wait and add them when you stir the mixture half way through the cooking time. The procedure for using shrimp is slightly different, because the shrimp is more delicate and cooks more quickly.
Add veggies to prepared pan and drizzle with remaining sauce left in the bowl where the shrimp had marinated. You can bake this immediately after assembly, or cover and refrigerate or freeze it for later. My 13x18 (aka "half sheets") are perfect for this, and they come with lids for easy storage in the fridge.

To bake, thaw the bags of veggies and meat just enough to be able to separate them into individual pieces so they can be scattered on a sheet pan.
NOTE: It's the nature of frozen vegetables that when they're cooked they loose crispness and release more liquid than if they're cooked fresh.
Want more inspiration for sheet pan meals? I highly recommend Molly Gilbert's Sheet Pan Suppers cookbook. If you use jumbo shrimp, it may be necessary to cut it into 2-3 pieces to make it bite-sized. You can cut the meat and marinate it in the sauce in the fridge for as long as a day in advance.
Omit the meat and add an equivalent amount of veggies or tofu; drizzle with sauce, and bake, stirring half way through cooking time. Increase the amount of sriracha or slice 1-2 jalapenos into thin rounds and roast them with the other veggies.
If you have the fridge space to accommodate a sheet pan, go ahead and cut and combine the veggies in the pan, cover them, and they're ready to bake later. If they are too big for your fridge, use two 9x13" covered pans (aka "quarter sheets") instead. That means the stir-fry mixture will have more liquid in the pan if it's been frozen before it is cooked, and the veggies will be more limp.
The lid is great if you want to prepare this recipe ahead, store in the fridge, and have it ready to bake later.
Shrimp, however, is more delicate and shouldn't marinate more than 1 hour; otherwise it will get a mushy texture.

Remove from the oven and toss again so the thickened sauce coats the meat and veggies, making a delicious glaze.
Make sure they are cut in uniform sizes and keep the overall volume of veggies the same so that the sauce mixture is the right amount for the finished recipe. You may need to add 5-10 minutes to the baking time, if they are still frozen when the baking begins. NOTE: The meat should marinate at least 15 minutes (60 minutes is better if you have the time) and may be prepared and marinated up to 1 day ahead. Shrimp is more delicate and should not be marinated more than 60 minutes.CUT AND ADD VEGGIES.
Scatter cut carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, snow peas, and onions in even layer on oiled sheet pan.
Remove from oven and toss again so that thickened sauce evenly coats the shrimp and veggies.SERVE the mixture over rice or noodles. Top with nuts and chopped green onions, if desired.FOR A MEATLESS VEGETABLE SIDE DISH, omit the meat, add 2 cups of additional veggies, drizzle on the sauce, and bake 30 minutes stirring once half way through.

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