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We celebrated Friday night with vegan pizza and on Saturday J’s family surprised us with delicious vegetarian tapas. My favorite way to eat this Healthy Chocolate Chip Quick Bread is warm slathered with a bit of coconut or almond butter. If you do try try Healthy Chocolate Chip Quick Bread it honestly makes my week hearing about it! Roll up each tortilla starting with the layered turkey and ending with the 2 inch side with just the spread so it will stay secure.
I’ve been experimenting more and more with oil-free baking lately and have been having a lot of fun (and a lot of recipe fails lol) – this Healthy Chocolate Chip Quick Bread is 100% oil free, refined sugar free (if you use cane sugar) and is made with white spelt flour instead of regular all purpose flour.

My little girls are so sick of sandwiches (although I could eat them for every meal) and it is hard to find a healthy alternative that they will eat. If you follow Ceara’s Kitchen on instagram you’ve probably already heard – J and I are now an official couple in the eyes of the government.
I use spelt flour a lot in my baking because it’s a more ancient grain that is a lot less processed than the regular AP flour sold in stores today. I came across a wrap recipe and changed it so it would only take me a couple minutes to through together. We went to the town hall and signed a common law agreement – or as they call it here “wettelijk samenwonen”.

It doesn’t sound that romantic, it’s only really a government technicality, but it still feels kind of special! I buy it here at my local organic shop but you can also find it online here (or at Bulk Barn if you live in Canada).

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