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This chicken pumpkin chili is everything you want a bowl of chili to be: hearty, filling, and full of flavor, but with less fat and calories than your average chili. If you are looking for a healthier chili recipe for your Super Bowl party, give this one a try. The Epicurean Vegan is devoted to those wanting to eat healthy, save animals, and reduce their carbon footprint.
Sign up for A Family Feast emails and receive our FREE eBook with our Top 25 Recipes of All Time! We are so excited to share this Chili Dip recipe with you today because – it is AMAZING!  Take my advice and put this recipe on your must-try list immediately! Served with nacho chips for scooping – I guarantee that this chili dip will be one of the first dishes to get eaten at your next game-day party! Considering I almost got frostbite walking to my car today, I would love to dive into a bowl of this pumpkin goodness right about now ?? Love this flavor combo! My decision to go vegan started out as a quest to get healthier, but the more I learned about veganism, the more I realized how damaging the meat and dairy industries are to the environment and, of course, the animals.

The thin ones are good with queso but for a hearty thick dip like this, you need a sturdy chip!. I like the idea of putting a layer of shredded cheese and scallions on top of the cream cheese and the addition of tomatoes and cilantro and onions on top. There are always app left overs after our discussion, but this plate was empty and everyone wants the recipe. I love regular ol’ chili with beans, tomatoes, and ground veggie sausage or crumbles, but sometimes, you just need a change! Taste test to make sure the quinoa isn’t crunchy and that you have the right amount of seasoning.
I love regular ol' chili with beans, tomatoes, and ground veggie sausage or crumbles, but sometimes, you just need a change! And it is for these reasons, that I would never go back to eating or wearing animal products.
I made the quick and easy chili for dinner last night but saved (or hide) some of it for this dip.

Can’t wait to try this but will leave out the cilantro since it’s already got a big kick to it! In a standard glass pie plate or the baking dish of your choice, place the cold cream cheese and with the back of a soup spoon, spread evenly to sides. Top with jack cheese and sliced scallions (white part only) Spread hot chili over mixture and top with shredded cheddar cheese.
Serve with nacho chips and be prepared to get another one in the oven because the first one will be gone before you ever get a chance to turn the oven off.

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