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April 17, 2012 by Scarborough Leave a Comment Where do you go when you are in a rush to eat lunch but want to make a healthy choice? Health-Conscious Consumers who have had fast food in the past 30 days are more than twice as likely as all American adults who have done the same to dine at Panera Bread for lunch in the past 30 days and eight percent more likely to eat at Subway for lunch in the same time frame.
Health-Conscious Consumers who dined at a fast food restaurant for lunch in the past 30 days are 13 percent more likely than all other fast food lunch diners to be female (58 percent) and they are 66 percent more likely to have at least a college degree. To view our complete study on Health-Conscious Consumers and their QSR preferences, click here. The soup base consists of chicken, celery, carrots, onions and flavors that turn this hearty soup into a one-dish meal; and kid-friendly food may I add. Add water and chicken paste to pot.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium-low and cook 10 minutes. Add prepared noodles to pot as you stir, in batches, and keep mixing gently for two minutes to prevent them from sticking together.  Bring to a boil once more, reduce heat to medium-low and cook uncovered for about 7 minutes. Add thyme and parsley, cover, and continue cooking on low for another 5-to-10 minutes until noodles are done.  Remove from heat, season with white pepper and salt if needed. A recent proposal for a 140-room boutique hotel, slated to open by September 2017 in O4W next to the Beltline’s Eastside trail and Krog Street Market, includes plans for a rooftop bar and two restaurants, real estate development blog Curbed Atlanta notes. American Food & Beverage, the Texas import located in The Shops Buckhead Atlanta’s, has closed abruptly after just one year in operation.

Star chef and native Californian Jonathan Waxman is taking his Brezza Cucina concept to the Bay Area as Brezza Emporio and Pizzeria. Over the past few years I’ve taken more pictures of food than you’ve had hot dinners….see what I did there? The human touch- Add a human element, your hand picking up a coffee or just flaunt your manicure. The action shot- showing your food being spooned out makes your picture look instantly tasty, makes you imagine how it’s going to taste. Keep it simple- If you’re making food at home, don’t ‘over prop’, keep the image simple showing the food as it would be served in real life.
Lighting is everything- If I’m photographing a cake I’ll often take it next to the window to photograph. Include the background- Include the backdrop of your meal, showing the setting gives the food more character and draws you into the picture. Show the place setting- If you’re in a beautiful restaurant at a table set with crisp white linens, pretty plate or great cutlery flaunt them! Get your camera nice and close- Don’t be afraid to really get up close to your meal or zoom right in.
Health-Conscious Consumers, defined as American adults who belong to a gym and buy local or organic food, make up nine percent (21M) of the American adult (age 18+) population.

Though they dine more at fast food establishments that have healthy options, more than one-quarter (26 percent) of all Health-Conscious Consumers dined at a fast food restaurant at least ten times in the past 30 days. Sixty-one percent of all Health-Conscious Consumers are married and 41 percent have one or more children under the age of 17 in their household.
The closure was reportedly due to "a change in corporate strategy" that shifts focus to operations in Texas. Whether you’re writing a blog post, sharing a recipe or just want a lovely picture of your din dins, here are 10 quick tips to help improve your food photography.
Try photographing your food against a patterned wallpaper or a bright wall, maybe choose to include flowers or a seasonal prop to set the scene. According to our new study, they can’t resist the expanding healthy menu options or the convenience of quick service restaurants; 74 percent of these consumers visited a fast food restaurant for lunch in the past 30 days. They are 66 percent more likely than all fast food lunch diners to have an annual household income of $100K or more. More than half (51 percent) of all Health-Conscious Consumers who dined at a fast food restaurant for lunch in the past 30 days hold white collar employment.

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