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When I was in first grade, my mother saved up enough trading stamps (I am sure most of you don’t remember that concept) to order a lunchbox for me to carry my lunch to school. Ok, now I know that I am super-old, since I was able to find the lunch box¬†online, in the Smithsonian Institute of all places. I asked my mom what this word meant, since I was just in first grade and had not yet had a lot of exposure to debutantes.
Anyway, I was always thrilled when my Mom would hand me two quarters in the morning (geez, I’m old, 50 cents for lunch?), to buy a hot lunch, which was often salisbury steak, with the obligatory mashed potatoes and either peas or corn. Whether I actually liked it then or not is irrelevant, because it is now one of the ultimate comfort foods for me. While dish is cooking, mix one tablespoon corn starch with one tablespoon water until smooth.
When time is up, let pressure come down on its own for 10 minutes, then do a quick release.

As such, there's a wealth of pressure cooker recipes available both on the Internet and in traditional cookbooks. Since they were out of the one that was ordered, they sent what they believed was a suitable replacement.
When high pressure is reached, adjust heat to maintain high pressure and set time for 8 minutes. Our expert team of writers have assembled their favourite pressure cooking recipes just for you.If you'd prefer to view an instructional video, check out our pressure cooker videos page - it has a fantastic recipe for delicious lamb shanks.
I hate to date myself like this, but maybe it will help you to understand why I was scarred for life by this particular lunchbox.
I seem to recall a lot of stammering on my mother’s part, followed my refusal to be seen in public with such a thing. In addition to these videos and the recipes below, we also have a number of pressure cooker cookbooks available for purchase - all filled with easy and delicious recipes for your pressure cooker!

In order to appease me, my parents went to the store to buy some Con-tact Paper (you may not remember that either, but it is actually still made), a self-adhesive covering often used to cover shelves and other things.
It is ok if you overlap them when it is time to put them under pressure, but don’t crowd them when browning. Stir in the corn starch mixture and stir for one to one and a half minutes, until thickened. In fact, I had a couple awkward years where I think my parents were considering wrapping my face in it. So, instead of carrying a frilly pink lunchbox, I carried what appeared to be a small rumpus room (the covering looked similar to the ugly wood paneling that everyone was covering their basement walls with where I grew up).

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