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Daliya (Cracked Wheat) Salad If you’re running out of healthy and satisfying lunch ideas, try this delicious Cracked Wheat (Daliya) Salad.
Warm Zucchini Salad I have served this dish as a subzi as well as a salad, on a lot of occasions. Tri-Color Stir-fry Tri-Color Bell Pepper stir fry dish is a colorful and healthy way to enjoy your vegetables. Eggplant Rolls If you’re in the mood for Italian food but tired of pasta, try these delicious Eggplant Rolls. Before asking any questions, please check to see if a similar question has already been answered.
I have been wanting to try making a pasta salad for a while now and when I came across this recipe for a pesto pasta salad on Savoury Sweet Life I could not resist making it right away. Step 2: To make the dressing- in a small bowl combine mayonnaise, creamy Italian dressing and parmesan cheese. I haven’t had crab anything in so long…thanks for reminding me about this wonderful ingredient!

There will also be a lot of appropriate food choices recipes in the morning that can be used for all. Pasta salads are salads formed with a base of pasta and pretty much anything that you can think of can be added after that. I literally just made it for my brother in laws party and wanted a quick taste before a brought it and OMG this salad is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This pasta salad has mayo in the dressing but the dressing is primarily based on freshly made basil pesto. I really liked the sound of combining the creamy and tangy mayo and with the fresh pesto and I just had to try it. Not only did the dressing for this pasta salad sound good but it also contains two other great ingredients, artichoke hearts and peas. Luckily I was still able to find some fresh peas at the farmers market but frozen would also work well. Some of the vegetables that go into this recipe include green pepper, green onions and tomatoes.

This pasta salad came together easily with the hardest part being the waiting for it to chill in the fridge. It really was nice and creamy and the pesto and mayo dressing was nice and tangy and fresh and really tasty. As I found out just recently, peas go really well with mayo and they added a nice hit of sweetness to this pasta salad.
This recipe is very simple and if you are looking for a delicious cold salad, this is perfect. The salad tasted great after chilling for just a half an hour but it tasted even better the day after when the flavours had had a chance to mingle a bit.

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