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Americans love pasta nearly as much as Italians do, according to Phil Casamento, owner of Utica, New York-based Casa Imports. For pizzeria operators looking to introduce pasta dishes to their menus, Terczak says utilizing products that are already on hand is a cost-effective way to start. Windham is a farm-to-table cook, so Pele’s pasta offerings change with the seasons throughout the year. For additional time and labor savings, preprepared ingredients can be used to create homestyle pasta dishes, Terczak adds.
This whole-grain penne dish, made with cabbage, porcini mushrooms and shaved raschera cheese, represents typical northern Italian cuisine.
Meanwhile, if your restaurant caters to a family clientele, don’t forget the basics for kids.
From dessert pies to multilayered artisanal showpieces, these recipes are customer-tested and proven to sell!
According to the National Pasta Association, the average Italian scarfs down more than 51 pounds of pasta per year.

The Cajunator at Pizza Schmizza features alligator sausage, a delicacy rarely found on menus outside of southern Louisiana, tossed in a light Cajun chipotle cream sauce. After he chooses his local ingredients, Windham picks the style of pasta that fits the topping and the season. Create a signature pasta dish as a daily special or menu addition so customers can try something new and break the routine. Upscale pizza and pasta restaurants often choose to make their own pasta, an approach that certainly has its marketing advantages, while other operators use dried pasta for cost and convenience.
Place pasta flat on sheet trays or hotel pans and cool in a blast chiller or a walk-in cooler. He then decides on a cooking technique—baked, brothy, tomato-based, olive oil and garlic, slow-cooked ragu or creamy.
Windham makes his own pasta, for example, while Esposito uses high-quality dried pasta imported from Italy. Store in ziplock bags or a sealed plastic container; refrigerate and use within several hours.

Another good idea that we are seeing more of is operators creating a pizza that features pasta on it—these are really gaining in popularity. Frozen meatballs can be dressed up in a tuxedo if the operator knows how to do it with the right sauce.
If you take a mediocre canned tomato sauce and add extra-virgin olive oil, fresh or dried oregano or basil, along with seasonings, onions, wine, cream or bacon, you may end up with a great tomato sauce, regardless of what you started out with. For instance, an appetizer or fresh salad comes out first, house-made pasta comes out second, an artisan pizza comes out third, and, to finish, spun gelato for dessert.

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