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Earlier this month, I asked for your best advice: How do you throw a fabulous party without going over budget? I always make my own cupcakes because it saves loads – especially if you are making a large amount. When we host really large parties, and don’t have the budge to provide all the food, I offer a prize to the person that brings the best dish, usually one that fits our party theme. Put together an ice cream bar with bulk tubs of ice cream, or have a shave ice bar with syrup. I usually order a cake from a local baker… Grocery stores are more advanced in the baking department!
I usually make all of the food myself, or ask friends to each bring an appetizer or dessert.
My family and friends help make the menu with me and that allows more in the budget for party decor and games!
My tip is to remove extra furniture that won’t be used as seating or tables (like desks, decorative boxes) to another room to free up party space! Try and use colors that match holidays around your party so you can buy clearance candy and items in bulk after the holiday when they go on sale. Once I pick a theme I find ideas that inspire me (usually via Pinterest) then I make them my own by creating with materials I already have, or find supplies dirt cheap that can work. Thrifty DIY diaper cake via Hoity Toity Crafts – the stand is stand made out of styrofoam cups and cardboard. I re-purpose thrift store goods for our parties, borrow from friends, raid the basement… anything goes!
I use things I have on hand for decor… tissue paper, candles, and a little paper and glue go a LONG way in making a big impact on decor for very little money. Repeat parties – my kids’ birthdays are three months apart and I do the same themed party for each kid. I take inventory of my craft supplies and search for projects that I already have all the supplies needed. For a recent engagement party that I threw, we used cleaned out food jars of every kind, wrapped them with lace or ribbon that we had on hand and used them as vases. Dollar Tree goes a long way, as does the clearance section at the grocery store and Target. All of my decorations came from the Dollar Spot at Target, the 99 cent store and Dollar Tree, as well as some homemade paper crafted items. I always throw at-home birthday parties for my boys (ages 8 & 4) and people are always amazed at how much we do and give away! I like to dress up a table display with a table runner made of coordinating wrapping paper. Use cheap colorful papers to make the party colorful, for instance, make your own confetti and printables using black ink rather than colored ink, then have your children color them in. I took various lanterns, paper balls and all of that which I purchased a mere 9 years ago (on 80% clearance at Pier 1) and hung them all over the ceiling, focusing in the dining room to be able to give it that ‘pow’!
Start planning way in advance so you can take your time shopping and getting things on sale. I love to plan parties and over the last few years I have realized that the key to parties that make a mark is good planning. The most important thing: start planning the party and buying all you need as soon as possible!!!

UPDATE:  A NEW Frozen Printable Party set with Four Free Frozen Invitation Designs is now Available! Thank you for all your awesome stuff we too have a family member who is on the autism spectrum. Continue to fold the edges of the Kleenex into the cup, being careful to hold the Kleenex in place as you go. She used paper bathroom drinking cups, which makes it a little taller and finished it off with some ribbon tied around it.
If you’re interested in more FROZEN fun or other Disney crafts & fun food ideas, be sure to check out the links below! I was delighted (and practically overwhelmed!) with the number of tips and tricks that everyone had to share! I found people bring much better and much more exciting food when enticed with a nice prize.
I just got done baking cupcakes, doughnut pops and s’mores pops for my twins’ party tomorrow! Making most everything myself, from invites to decorations to goody bags & food saves a ton of $$$. If I cannot make it, I try to trade something I can make to someone who can make what I need.
I often reuse items from party-to-party (trays, banners, table cloths, etc.) The hardest thing for me is keeping the treat bags from breaking my bank!
I used cardstock and fabric I had on hand, 1 roll of streamers (where my $1 went), free paint stirrers, printed pictures on a regular computer and used baby food jars. I’ve realized that now you can find almost anything and everything you need for parties at Target!
The Internet and a printer allows me to plan out several games for kids at practically no cost. So there may be heart erasers in my daughter’s goodie bags or glow stick pumpkin wands but they are always a big hit!
This year, my daughter is having a rainbow birthday party, so we saved 2-3 plates and napkins from each holiday so that in a year, we’ll have all the colors of tableware without having to purchase anything. The paper pom flowers that always appear here there and everywhere in my photos (they have even made an appearance here on Chickabug’s Blog!) were made with tissue paper, twist ties, a glue dot (2 per flower) and a very sharp scissors. Think about your theme 6-9 months in advance and then purchase when you see something that catches your eye! Thanks to Apartment Guide, everyone who submitted a thrifty tip to help me compile this blog post was entered to win a $50 gift card from Target! Apartment Guide has budget-friendly ideas for people in any sized home on Moving Today and the Apartment Guide blog.
It was fun : ) Everyone had such great advice - I need to come up with another good question so I can put together another post!
For recurring events, I try to buy or make decorations that can be used year after year (for example, wooden things rather than paper.) I also get stencil and stamp sets, and I have a cookie cutter set where you can stamp on custom phrases. According to the Associated Press, a 5-year-old boy accidentally shot a 7-year-old girl in the chest, and wounded another little boy.
Between getting ready for a big FROZEN birthday and excitement the DVD release, there are sooooo many amazingly creative ideas that I’ve found! Coffee filters (white & natural) are great for creating banners, jar covers, sandwich wraps & more!

For prizes, I am year-round on the lookout for clearance items at Wal-Mart (especially end-of-season things that kids love, like bubbles, aqua sand, plastic outdoor toys), craft stores, etc!
Whether you’re living, looking or moving, Apartment Guide offers how-to tips for entertaining and making the most of your space on a budget. Decorated plain paper bags with crayons for the goodie bag and made paper plate masks (that was the biggest hit) Adults .
It’s easy to find a plain (ugly) cakestand or plate and make it look fab just by repainting it to the color scheme of your party!
Most decorations were made of recycled materials and paper products, including a tutu diaper cake stand, tea light candle holders made out of tissue paper and baby food jars, tissue poms, table runners made out of wrapping paper, bookmark party favors made out of cardstock and paperclips, tree branches painted white and covered in twinkle lights, and recycled Coke bottles painted with Krylon spray paint and used as bud vases. If you aren’t crafty yourself, purchase a few key items from someone who is, on Etsy. I have had several favors like decorative boxes, candles, and kids’ favors that I have found at Target dollar store and that have really thrilled my guests. If you’re ready for a whole new space or looking to move, Apartment Guide has the photos, floor plans, features and tips to help you find the perfect apartment community. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the products used, and believe that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. You have gathered up a fabulous resource here, it almost makes me want to throw another Frozen party!
By adding a custom made cake topper or unique table centerpiece, this will be your showcase piece and everything else can be more simple. Nowadays you can even find almost everything from cake baking to decorating and entertainment for kids’ crafts at Target. I grouped water bottles on each table along with a party circle on a lollipop stick in a mason jar of york pieces, since the theme was blue and white. I pile them into my window seat with expensive upholstery that I don’t want kids to sit on, so they are decorative and functional at the same time!
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Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says the boy was trying to get a toy gun out GASTON, S.C. Whether you’re planning a FROZEN party or just want to do something a little special while watching the DVD at home (which hits stores on March 18th), you are SURE to get inspiration in this list of 30+ FROZEN crafts and fun foods! I also make my invites, water bottle labels, candy labels, games, and everything in the dessert bar. I used food as decor, with the cake pops in blue and white and then party circles on some of the sticks.
Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says the boy was trying to get a toy gun out A 5-year-old boy accidentally fired a loaded gun he thought was a toy at a South Carolina birthday party Saturday night, killing a 7-year-old girl. I also decorated some 1 dollar buckets (from Target) with a party circle and then placed cutlery in each bucket. According to Lexington County Sheriff James Metts, the boy wanted to get a toy gun out of a trunk in his Authorities say a 7-year-old girl was killed at a birthday party in South Carolina after a 5-year-old boy accidentally fired a gun that he thought was a toy. Lexington County Sheriff James Metts says the boy was trying to get a toy gun out of a trunk GASTON, S.C.

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