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Once you find a theme *Liv's next birthday will totally be Carnival themed* I adore these!! You should look online *I usually get a better price if I call the company first* for supplies and favors.
I always fall in love with super expensive fancy invites, so I have my creative hubby copy them in photoshop and we buy nice paper and print them ourselves.
I love to personalize parties like favors with the guests names *you can write them, print them or stamp them* take the theme and apply it to everything!!
My most important tip, take pictures before your guests arrive *especially of the birthday LO in their cute outfit* I was so busy during our shower I hardly had time to take pics.
Also would do a rainbow or hot air balloon pinata and have swirly rainbow colored lollipops!
I remember when I was little, my grandmother always made melon balls out of her watermelons and cantaloupes instead of just cutting them into chunks. Tortilla pinwheels  –I made these a day ahead of time and refrigerated them overnight. Best Guacamole Ever — I followed this recipe almost exactly except for adding 2 tomatoes and using white onion instead of red. Little Smokies wrapped in dinner roll dough –We cut the dough into tiny triangles like you do for crescent rolls, and then wrapped a triangle of dough around each Little Smoky.

Teriyaki meatballs — I made these in the crock pot using frozen meatballs from Costco, and my own teriyaki sauce from FAMILY FEASTS FOR $75 A WEEK. Lemon Cake— I cooked this recipe up in two bread pans, and then did a lemon glaze on top. Mini cheesecakes with cherries on top– My mother in law is a pro at these, so they were her contribution to the party, and I think they were the favorite dessert of all.
It’s a good thing I made a lot of food because we ended up having 75 people at our house! I hope many of you can use the links I've posted to find inspiration for your LOs birthday. I love this theme, we used to call Liv our ladybug but now she moves so quick she's our little monkey!!
Even as a kid it registered for me that she was putting just a BIT more love into her food, and it’s one of my fondest memories of her to this day. Starfish s’mores via Hungry Happenings – made with homemade marshmallows and candy eyes.
Giant beach ball sugar cookie via Hungry Happenings – Pillsbury cookie dough, pre-made cheesecake filling, lemon curd, and whipped topping are all hiding under that yummy fruit.
Watermelon beach bucket via the National Watermelon Promotion Board – so clever and (maybe) not even so hard to make!
I plan on having a party sometime in August but I'm already so excited that I started planning already!

It was really yummy and very rich tasting, probably thanks to the loads of butter in the recipe!
We used homemade apricot jam as the filling this time, but strawberry jam or grape jelly works well too. It was also good that the day was sunny.  That way outdoor tables could be used, making it a bit less crowded indoors. Also if you're having an outdoor party, have the cake facing on the opposite side of the sun, I went to a party and the pictures turned out dark because of the sun. I am making a guitar shaped cake myself with cupcakes in ice cream cones to look like microphones. I am planning a beach themed part next month for a 14 year old and I am definitely making the cookies. The food really seemed to be a hit with everyone.  I enjoyed offering a bit more than your standard cake and punch. This is the stuff that memories are made of… and of course will impress the heck out of any summer party guest, too.

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