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In the middle of December we had my daughter’s 6 Year Old Birthday Party and she had decided that she would like to have a garden tea party.
I have listed other ideas for birthday parties for 6 year olds, which can be found towards the end of the post. My daughter was a flower girl in her uncles wedding earlier this year and she decided that she would like to wear her flower girl dress from the wedding to her garden tea party.
As the children arrive I like to have an individual type activity for them to do as we wait for all the children to get there. Thanks to Nana and Pa for letting us raid their lemon tree, so the girls could make lemonade to have with their afternoon tea. I melted white chocolate and then served marshmallows, strawberries and raspberries for the girls to dip into it.

My children all prefer ice cream birthday cakes, so to fit it in to the garden tea party theme, I decorated the ice cream cake with rose petals. Possum had a wonderful time and was very thankful for the beautiful gifts that her friends bought her! For starting activity have each child draw on a t-shirt (that you provide) with fabric crayons. Potion making – an easy but effective one is mixing bicarbonate and vinegar (used for making your own volcano). Party food – homemade pizza slices, homemade scrolls, ice cream spiders and marshmallow lollipops.
What a beautiful party – everything looks lovely and the girls look like they were having fun on the trampoline.

Also purchased 2L containers of red and white paint and mixed them to make various shades of pink. Steff – I really find that having a theme even as simple as a colour (we are heading to a yellow party tomorrow), actually makes organising a party much easier. All the kids dressed up as their favourite sea creature – my daughter was Ariel the mermaid.

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