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My CrossFit box is doing a Paleo challenge right now and everyone who is participating is swapping recipes, so I decided to compile a bunch of my favorites to share.
So after I got home with my little pumpkin, I thought well shoot how do i do this pumpkin justice?
My cookies ended up a little on the "dark" side because I use extra dark ground cinnamon, so don't worry if your cookies come out lighter in color if you are using regular cinnamon. As a new dietetic intern at Yale-New Haven Hospital and graduate of Clinical Nutrition at UC Davis, I love being able to share my insight on healthy foods that are quick in the kitchen and easy on your wallet!
This morning at the local farmers market I noticed a common trend among all the local farmers.

Next, I cut the whole pumpkin down the middle so now I have two halves of my baby pumpkin! I already spent all this time making homemade organic pumpkin puree I didn't want to add in some refined grains to mess it up! Since there is no raw eggs in this mix feel free to taste test, but don't eat all the batter ;) as tempting as it might be.
Well, first preheat your oven of course to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with tin foil or those fancy silicon non-stick sheets.
I used cashew butter instead that I just whipped up right now, only nut I had in the house.

Although, I can't always get all my groceries from the weekly farmers market I make it a point to support local farmers as best I can.
Let the pumpkin cool for roughly 20 minutes until it's cool to touch so you can work with it. The prices are usually lower than other organic "supermarkets", the best part of the whole thing is the experience.

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