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I love making a ham during the holidays because everyone is anticipating a store-bought ham and when they walk into my home and see that I have a ham in the slow cooker they think I’m nuts.
Serve this recipe for slow cooker maple glazed ham with a side of sour cream and chive mashed potatoes. Katie is our resident one-pot meal fanatic, but you'll find that she's passionate about every kind of food, from dinners to desserts, on her blog Katie's Cucina.
We’ve all seen beautifully bronzed hams emerge from the oven, so why not from the slow cooker? Utilize your slow cooker to do all the work during the holidays and slow cook a Maple Glazed Ham!

Even if you aren’t celebrating a holiday and just want a nice Sunday dinner (or maybe a mid-week dinner), use that slow cooker and bake a ham in it. So really all you’re doing is marrying the flavors that you pour on top of the ham for hours on end.
Once you try this way of making crock pot ham, I promise you will never order another ham from a big-chain store again. We lacquered hams with every thick, sticky, sugary coating we could think of, but every glaze slid right off during slow cooking. Gone are the days of taking up excess oven room, heating up the kitchen, and sitting around watching the ham cook in the oven!

The glaze definitely needed to be applied after the ham was brought to temperature in the slow cooker.
Our goal was to make a stovetop glaze that would have a thick, coating consistency without having to make a trip to the oven. After producing countless glazes that ranged from hard and brittlelike to tough and chewy, we found that equal parts of dark brown sugar and apple jelly thickened with a tablespoon of cornstarch gave us the ideal glaze.

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