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If making ahead of time, you can wrap the patties individually in paper and warm in a hot oven the next day. Meanwhile, place a sieve over a jug and pour in the onions and cooking juices; skim the liquor of any fat. Divide the mixture into six and form into patties and place on one half of a tray lined with parchment paper. Carefully lift the patties off the paper and serve sandwiched between bread and topped with the sauce of your choice and some salad.

For the ultimate cheeseburger, top the patties with a slice of feta then wrap in paper and reheat. Cook for about 1 hour longer or until the lamb has coloured and the meat is meltingly tender when prodded with a fork. Drizzle with olive oil then rub with the oregano, cumin and fennel seeds and chilli flakes.
Add the vinegar and enough reserved cooking juices to combine, mix well and season with sea salt as needed.

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