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Here are my favorite things about the Ninja, while it is a slow-cooker, it is like gaining another burner in the kitchen. Leave a comment below telling us, “What you would make in the Ninja Cooking System”! Post this giveaway link to YOUR personal or fan Facebook page, tagging Noble Pig Vineyards and leave a separate comment here telling me you did so. I would make my family’s seafood chowder recipes that has been a staple of our ski trips for years. I am so excited to share with you today’s review and giveaway of the Ninja Cooking System. I love my slow cooker, but there have always been some things about it that have created more work and dishes for me because of the traditional three temperature cooking knob. With the Ninja Cooker, you simply switch your dial to Stovetop and place your oil or butter right into the bottom of the pan to sear or brown your meats to the desired consistency. The pot comes with a small rack and roasting pan that you can use to create layers in your dishes or can be used to bake items. No need to heat up the kitchen in the summer months, you can set the oven setting on the Ninja Cooker to the desired oven temperature and roast or bake right in the cooker, simply by switching the dial. Can’t you just imagine how awesome this would be in scenarios like camping or in a hotel room when you want to save money and still eat well?

It is no exaggeration when I say that I put the insert of the Ninja Cooking System in my oven and the food fell away when I sprayed it with water. I was introduced to the Ninja Cooking System when I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference this past year. I would be especially excited to make my holiday side dishes in it (string beans, macaroni and cheese, cornbread stuffing) — and free up one of my stove burners or space in my oven! Instead of heating up the oven, I could make a loaf right in the Ninja Cooking System, with much less waste of energy.
If there is one thing I love, it is a smart kitchen gadget that can save you time & money in the kitchen. First, I would go to my stove and brown my meat and make a huge mess around my stove with splatters and then I would try to pour my meat into my slow cooker once it was brown, creating dishes and a drippy mess along the way. The depth of the cooker helps to keep splatters away and you don’t have to dirty a pan in the process. In this single pot is six cooked chicken breasts, one pound of asparagus, and four servings of quinoa… all in one pot!
The pot is definitely not roomy, but it can get the job done for a family of four or can provide a great roasting rack for a smaller whole chicken or turkey. Even items like desserts can be baked right in the cooker, allowing you to free up your oven especially during the busy holiday season.

I am sharing a recipe from the booklet that I created in our kitchen and I want to give you the opportunity to win one of these for your family! We couldn’t believe that Ninja gave one of these to all of the attendees of the conference.
This review of the Ninja Cooking System is going to blow your mind with it’s awesomeness and the best part is that I get to give a Ninja Cooking System away to one of our readers.
What would normally require a good soaking or a lot of elbow grease, was tidy in just a couple of swishes with dishcoth. Soups, stews, roasts, casseroles, desserts…Why youcould fit a 12 pound turkey in there!! Sometimes it’s a struggle to get even a simple, healthy dish on the table because I am incredibly passionate about serving my kids wholesome foods, rather than the processed foods found at fast food restaurants.

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