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LC At Last NoteAt last, after literally years and years and years of searching, we have the DIY natural food coloring recipe we’ve been wanting, seeking, needing—and minus the monumental price tag attached to the store-bought variety of natural food coloring. A few notes: Our blender must not be as powerful as some, as the mixtures were a bit chunky so we ended up straining each.
Robert CastagnaNov 29, 2014With the problems of artificial colorings in our food chain, this natural food coloring recipe was a pleasure to try. I recently made plum jam, for the first time, and it ended up being a pretty red color when finished.
Hi Vicki, we did not run plums through our testing process so I’m reluctant to guarantee results or try and guess at proportions.
Cari, I was told that they’re ink bottles and that you can find them in craft stores and etsy, among other places online. Just be aware that some kids (like my son) react badly to annatto (we end up with a day of tantrums whenever he has something with it in). Hi Hattie, we didn’t try freezing it during our initial test, but one of our testers is going to make up a batch today and freeze it. Kimberly, we have only tried these natural food colorings in icing for cookies, not in any sort of DIY beauty products.
When the strawberries are cooked and the sauce thickens to a syrup-like consistency, add the balsamic vinegar and continue to cook for a few minutes longer to thicken again.
I did reduce the recipe by half, so perhaps I made a mistake, however, I'd like a bit more crunch.
For the pink, I believe you can use fresh beets that have been cooked and use the cooking water. I was thinking, while I was cooking it, if there would be a way to use plums to get a red food coloring. The only hesitation I have is whether the ingredients may lose some of their innate vibrancy while being dehydrated. If you are having problems with the juice oxidizing, store them in an appropriately sized airtight container filled to the brim with juice.
I have made this recipe several times using the exact ingredients but now I have made a couple of changes. Choose your color below and simply follow the instructions.Choose Your ColorPinkIn a high-speed blender or food processor, mix the beets and juice together until smooth.

They swirled the final colors into bright white vanilla yogurt, and and the results were delightful.
I found it on Amazon; it makes a lovely deep red-colored curry when combined with turmeric.
We tried it and couldn’t detect beets, although diff varieties do have diff levels of, uh, earthiness, shall we say? Do you think dehydrating and pulverizing some of these ingredients would have a desirable effect? I imagine beets would work fine since they seem to have sufficient color to more than offset a little loss.
Seems like a great way to use this recipe – portioned out in teaspoons or tablespoons, then into the freezer. Even better, they are all made from completely non-toxic ingredients… in fact, you can eat most of them!1. Do you think using plums would result in a red food color & if so, exactly what would the process be to use this for food coloring? Basic Face MaskUse some bentonite clay or kaolin clay and add enough water to make a paste. This is now one of my staple recipes, i will never buy another store bought granola bar unless I am desperate! Also, they would need to be very finely and evenly ground so as to impart a color that’s not speckled. Just make sure the pot has enough moisture so the sauce won’t burn (you can add more water if necessary). Add more coloring, if necessary.YellowIn a small saucepan, boil the water and turmeric for 3 to 5 minutes.
Make sure everyone is wearing an apron when playing with the colors.) We had a great time with this simple recipe and definitely will make these colors again.
Tropical MaskMash one banana with 1 tablespoon of honey and mix until it forms a smooth paste.
Kindly contact the publisher listed above for permission before you post it (that's what we did) and rewrite it in your own words. Add more coloring, if necessary.PurpleIn a high-speed blender or food processor, blend the blueberries and water together until smooth.

Chai A MaskFor a delicious smelling mask that also gently exfoliates skin, mix this mask that doubles as a sweetener for Chai tea.
Using a fine-mesh sieve, strain the skins from the mix.Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. GreenIf using fresh spinach, in a small saucepan, boil the spinach in enough water to cover for 5 minutes. If using frozen and thawed spinach, skip to the next step.In a high-speed blender or food processor, blend the spinach and water together until completely smooth. If the mixture clumps or stubbornly refuses to blend, add more water as needed, 1 tablespoon at a time. Strain, if desired, and let cool.Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator.
Usually at this point my mixture is quite thin so i use flour or rice flour to thicken into a paste.
I had some overripe avacado left and knew about the health benefits of avacado (but not how to use them in beauty) which led me to find your site. I ended up first using your oil cleansing method with equal parts organic pure expelled coconut oil and EVOO and put it in my magic bullet to get a nice consistency. Once I was done cleansing and rinsing my face, I kept the remaining CO and EVOO in my magic bullet to create my mask by adding 1 whole avocado, and 2 tbsp honey. We are not done having babies (just had our first), so this disclaimer make a little nervous. I moisturize with coconut oil afterwards.My pores have been transformed and my skin is baby smooth, fine lines disappearing. I mix equal parts freshly made oatmeal flour (in a blender or food processor) and whole milk powder.

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