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The kernels inside these roasted apricot pits (about a pint, $3.99) were accessible, but just barely. Previously: Dried aluche (about $5 per pound) are a sort of sour plum, for flavoring stews and other long-cooked dishes. Among its other virtues, this tidy and well-stocked shop carries noklod chi and many other sweets from Tabrizi Bakery of Watertown, Massachusetts, delivered each week. I needed more leverage than a half-pit could provide, as you might guess from the photo below; the fold-out file from my metal nail clippers did the trick.

Apricot pits, like those of almonds, contain a precursor to hydrogen cyanide (also called prussic acid). Professional literature offers admonitions that one shouldn't eat too many shurdanak too quickly, and, indeed, when they're sold in unpitted form one can't. The Oxford Companion to Food offers additional reassurance, stating that the prussic acid is "destroyed" by the roasting process.
The flavor of the kernels, should you make it so far, is similar to that of almonds, and sometimes strong to the point of bitterness.

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