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Our meals are nutritionally balanced and are prepared daily at the Brazosport Regional Medical Center Kitchen. Meals are also delivered on Thanksgiving and Christmas because let’s face it, hunger does not take a holiday. Our Treasurer is Karl Oelfke who painstakingly keeps our books in order for the Internal Revenue Service and does our billing and accounting duties.
The Home Delivered Meals Board of Directors consists of Dan Tarver, Sam Urick, Mary Ruth Rhodenbaugh, Debbie Smith, Ron Pisklak, and Janis Warny. At the very least, our volunteers provided a friendly face and a warm greeting that accompany a hot meal. Because the Home Delivered Meals program has no paid employees or staff, contributions to our program go directly towards feeding people who otherwise would likely do without a hot meal, and in some cases, this meal is the only meal they have a day.
HDM delivers, on the average, over 14,000 hot meals annually, but just as important is that we make contact over 14,000 times a year to people who have problems just getting out of their homes. Often times our delivered meals go to seniors who have to make difficult decisions on whether to spend their limited resources on food or medicine or electricity. If you or somebody you know would like to contribute financially or volunteer as a Home Delivered Meals driver, please contact us today! If you would like a representative from Home Delivered Meals to come speak at your church, civic organization, or business please let us know! Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive.

Dorothy Wiles enjoyed an active life until progressive arthritis made it difficult for her to get around. The office provides money to a network of nonprofit agencies that help older people remain at home longer.
Although eligibility for services financed by the Office on Aging is not based on income, nearly six in 10 who received home-delivered meals last year lived in poverty, Ard wrote in a justification for the additional HCBS money. An AARP Foundation analysis found that, in the past decade, only three states had a higher percentage of their 60-plus populations at risk for hunger than South Carolina. The nonprofit agencies that provide the home-delivered meals and other services are relying on attrition to cope with the budget cuts, Kester said. The number of South Carolinians 60 or older has increased nearly 40 percent in the past decade to more than 900,000. By 2030, the Office on Aging said, population projections indicate that more than 1.8 million South Carolinians will be 60-plus. The state reported a surplus of nearly $123 million for the 2011 fiscal year that ended June 30; Cobb-Hunter said some of that money should be directed at services for older residents.
Some nonprofit agencies that administer the Office on Aging's programs, including nearly 50 Councils on Aging, also receive money from donations and city or county governments.
Bower said costs for food, transportation and insurance have increased, but allocations from government have not. To learn how to encourage state legislators to support a bigger HCBS budget, visit the AARP South Carolina website.

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. Lib Cox and Ann Brown are two remarkable ladies that keep our program going on a day to day basis by securing drivers for the three routes that are in Clute, Freeport and Lake Jackson. The state’s spending on in-home services has been cut in half since 2009, meaning others who could use similar help can’t get it. These days the 84-year-old Columbia retiree relies on a walker and can't easily shop for groceries and fix her meals. The state has not reduced services to people like Wiles who already receive them, but no new recipients are being added to the program, said Tony Kester, director of the Lieutenant Governor's Office on Aging. The agencies deliver meals or help get seniors to a community center for communal meals, provide rides to medical appointments and sometimes perform light housekeeping tasks. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, D-Orangeburg, the senior Democrat on the state House Ways and Means Committee, said older people have "paid their dues.
Stewart noted on many occasions that some of his patients were ending up back in the hospital not long after being released because they were unable to prepare food for themselves while they were recuperating.

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