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Description1The Mecklenburg County Senior Citizens Nutrition Program provides nutritionally balanced meals at no cost to seniors who are unable to leave their homes due to illness, disability or frailty through the Home Delivered Meals program. If the client needs home-delivered meals, a social worker will make an appointment to meet with the client at home for a home-delivered meal assessment. Clients who need additional social services will be referred by the social worker to other programs available in the county.

Cooked Toowoomba is for busy people, people that don’t like cooking, people that may have been unwell or just plain tired. The call can be made by the client interested in the service or by a family member, caregiver, volunteer or a friend. If the client needs only home-delivered meals, then a senior nutrition staff will contact the client after the home-delivered meal assessment is completed by the social worker.

Our clients have been very satisfied with the meals because it gives them an opportunity to heat the meal of their choice and eat it at anytime of the day.Who Qualifies for this Service?

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