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Roll up each tortilla starting with the layered turkey and ending with the 2 inch side with just the spread so it will stay secure. My little girls are so sick of sandwiches (although I could eat them for every meal) and it is hard to find a healthy alternative that they will eat. I came across a wrap recipe and changed it so it would only take me a couple minutes to through together. Duck Gizzards and Beans Salad Recipe Chorizo Risotto Recipe Cooking risotto gives a so smooth and creamy result that I love. It is always easy to find ideas to transform it into a single dish, handy when you are tired of scratching your head to put your menu together!
Chicken with Vegetable, Curry and Basil This Chicken with Vegetable recipe brings a taste of spring with basil or invites to travel with curry.
Potatoes Patties Burgers The potato patty burgers all the advantages: it is simple, quick to make, tasty and won a huge success with children (and parents too).
Sauteed Prawns in Whiskey, Ginger, Coriander Here's a good prawns recipe sauteed in whiskey, ginger, coriander and oyster sauce.

Shrimps or prawns are suitable for almost all kind of marriages:it is quick and easy to do and can be serve as an entry, a main dish or a tapas.
Pasta Salad with Pesto and RadishThe pasta salad is unique in its ingredients but also in its seasonings. I suggest you to do this salmons quiche, fresh and smoked tasting, decorated with fresh coriander.
Chicken Breast and Leeks in a Puff Pastry How to look sophisticated when making a very simple dish? Tart Recipe: Pancetta And MushroomsA savory tart recipe , fragrant, and easy to make: it is possible! This simple tart recipe consists of a ricotta bed sprinkled with fresh thyme and lots of mushrooms. Turkey Cutlets Roulade Stuffed with Aromatic Herbs Here’s an original and healthy way to cook poultry: a plastic wrap, a steaming and that stands alone by itself! Salmon Fillets In Foil with Leeks A recipe high in flavor, not too rich –if you don’t finish your meal white chocolate-caramel with salted butter dessert… like me … sad!– and simple to make.

It’s really fun to do: if it’s your first time trying cooking “in foil”, you absolutely won’t be disappointed!
Fresh as a Greek salad, this full dish, healthy and quickly prepared is perfect for summer evenings. Duck Confit Parmentier RecipeThis duck parmentier recipe could be great on a sunday, when you don’t want to spend too much time in your kitchen and miss conversation with your friends. Salmon Lasagna with Broccoli Salmon lasagna in cream sauce and broccoli: it does not take much to make a pasta dish sublime.
We cook the broccoli for just 10 minutes, otherwise it overcooks Peppers Omelette RecipeSimply put, peppers are fresh, crunchy and full of vitamins – without forgetting their colorful aspect when we use of mixed varieties.

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