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Whether it's for school or work, packing a lunch box can be a bit of a chore, but this collection will make it easier. Water -  Enough to quench your thirst ALL day, preferably in a bottle that will keep cold. The salad dressing, cutlery, a napkin, bread with soups, crackers for the cheese and fruit and water! 53 yummy and healthy lunch box recipes consisting of a main course, side dish and dessert making lunch time wholesome and happy from now !
When I’m building my lunches, often I’ll turn to a few lunch cookbooks on my shelf to help me think up new ideas other than the usual leftovers. We love Catherine McCord’s bright and happy recipe website Weelicious – featuring healthy recipes for the family. The Just Bento Cookbook: Everyday Lunches To Go – by Maki Itoh was one of the original food bloggers, focusing on Japanese cooking and bentos – the fun, well designed Japanese lunch box. Vegan Lunch Box Around the World: 125 Easy, International Lunches Kids and Grown-Ups Will Love! We’re not vegan in this house, but I’m always looking for healthy vegetable forward meals, and this book is a great option if you’d like to add a few more vegetables to your lunches. For the past two weeks, I’ve been working full-time in a new office, so my meals have been shaken up slightly. Each Sunday, I hard boiled 10 eggs (two for each weekday), boiled a pot of Rancho Gordo beans, and prepped two of our weeknight dinners. Black Bean Soup with Pork Tenderloin: I used a can of Goya black bean soup, and mixed it with a batch of freshly cooked black beans that I had made. Last week’s meal plan was a good one – the Turkey chili verde, Jamie’s Asian Noodle Salad and the Lemony Chicken Gyros (which I served with some marinated carrots) were winners! This week we are going to be a little bit busy, so dinners are going to have to be easy and quick most days.
Tuesday: Grass-fed sirloin steaks, topped with home made guacamole, and served with roasted broccoli with garlic oil. Wednesday: Refried beans with pepperjack cheese and tomatillo salsa from the Homesick Texan Cookbook. Monday: Turkey and vegetable chili (no recipe!) with tomatillo salsa (from the Homesick Texan Cookbook), topped with pepper jack and yogurt. Thursday: Lemony Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki and Feta from Can You Stay For Dinner with cucumber and tomato salad. I’ve been using a Fitbit every day for almost two years now (I was an early adopter), and I absolutely love it.
The Fitbit is a nifty (and cute) little tool to help you achieve a higher level of movement during the day.

You can then see how you performed throughout the day: this graph tells you how active you were at different time periods. When clients or friends are looking to improve their health, I never advocate drastic diets or fitness regimens – one of the best ways to get healthier is to make small changes and add more of the good stuff to your life. If you have any other questions, please ask in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them! Make your lunch great!A website all about living well - healthy lunch ideas (and healthy breakfasts and dinners!) - from recipes to suggestions for brown bag lunches, lunch for kids, lunch for the office, lunch boxes, Japanese bento boxes, reusable water bottles and more! Not only does a packed lunch save you time and money, it's also much better for your health to pack it yourself. When you are doing the post-dinner clean up, get out your containers and drop the leftovers in. You need the right containers for the food you are taking, which means a thermos for soups and pastas if you don't have access to a microwave. A portion of pasta, a healthy roll or wrap filled with last night's roast or a slice of frittata. Here are a few Wonderful, Tasty, Healthy, Filling and Quick Lunch Menus that can be prepared in a jiffy. Her meal plans do the brainstorming and strategy for you, so that you can focus on all the other details that matter in the morning! She covers food for babies, toddlers, school lunches, and family meals, and her colorful and flavorful style is front and center in her Weelicious Lunches cookbook!
Her cookbook is a great extension of the breadth of bento ideas on her blog, and is useful for building a great lunch for both kids and adults.
I made a large salad for my weekly lunches, and took leftovers several days of the week for lunch.
To accompany, a pork tenderloin, crusted in cumin, salt and chile powder, and oven roasted. I scaled it down to two people, and blew the budget on this relatively inexpensive dish using Calabro ricotta, Maplebrook mozzarella, and some aged parmigiano.
Sunday we skipped the teriyaki, and instead had an easy chicken tikka masala (Trader Joe’s) from the freezer with pinto beans and naan. I’m also trying to keep things light and fresh to make up for holiday overkill, but this isn’t diet food!
It would be a perfect gift for anyone looking to boost their healthy habits, or a gift for yourself! It uploads wirelessly to your computer, and turns your personal data into beautiful (and readable) graphs and charts. The chart breaks down the activity levels into a really clear picture of who much time you spent in different active zones.

This was an evening where I a) went to bed pretty early, b) fell asleep faster than ever, and c) got in an ungodly amount of sleep. For me, walking is the best way to keep healthy and fit, and the Fitbit is an invaluable tool to help me do this. I get a small commission if you purchase something from that link and this helps cover hosting costs (I use DreamHost and have been a happy customer since 2009).
For working mums, there is even more reason to pack your lunch as rising childcare costs and time become a factor. Make sure everything is chilled within two hours to avoid the possibility of contamination. You will also need some small and medium sized containers for snacks and a great drink bottle to last the day. With your main meal, it's a great idea to pack a small salad with the dressing on the side.
You can also use cold roasted meats, grilled vegetables and meatloaf for sandwiches and wraps. After starting her successful business, she wrote this cookbook, building on all the ideas that she had gleaned from putting out a healthy weekly meal plan to her subscribers, and being a mom of 3 kids herself! I’ve made it a goal to eat in at least four nights a week, and the key to my success has been batch cooking on the weekend.
We ate home cooked dinners six out of the seven days this week, which was good for both the waist and the wallet! It measures your steps, the number of stairs you climb, how far you walk in a day, how many calories you burn, and your general activity level throughout the day.
You can slide it in a soft wrist band, and it has an accelerometer to measure your movements and sleep patterns. You can press a little button on your Fitbit to toggle through the different data during the day while it is clipped discreetly to your pants. Avoid nasty spills by buying containers with tight screw top lids is you are going to be taking wet foods for lunch. 5000 steps are generally recommended for baseline fitness, and 10000 if you are trying to lose weight. Includes a convenient carry strap for easy transport and a easy to carry bag.Get yours here now! I don’t walk 10000 steps every day, but the Fitbit certainly helps me get in some extra steps.

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