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When she eats protein, it's more difficult for her kidneys to process the waste that comes with it, meaning more toxins accumulate in her blood. You can talk to your vet about testing different brands and dry versus canned to see if Fluffy has a preference.

As with protein, too much phosphorus can make Fluffy feel sick because her kidneys have a difficult time processing it.
The diets mentioned above are formulated with this in mind and contain lower levels of phosphorus. You can try urging Fluffy to eat her new food by mixing it with her previous diet or by slightly warming a canned version of the new diet.
If that doesn't work, try focusing more on the lower phosphorus content and opt for a food that has high-quality protein. That means protein that's animal-based, not necessarily protein that's organic or exotic in nature. If Fluffy eats high-quality protein, her kidneys won't have to work as hard to process the waste.

If Fluffy continues to protest a change in diet, let her eat as she pleases, making sure she gets plenty of water, and talk to your vet about a phosphorus binder that will help her feel better.
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