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Use the recipes below as a starting point to begin to inject smoothies into your weight loss meal planning.
Get LibiFit’s 10-minute Daily Butt Toning WorkoutSignup now and receive the workout I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. If trying to lose weight, I recommend replacing one meal or part of one meal per day with this. If you find that the recipe is too bitter with no fruit, you can add a bit of a natural no calorie sweetener like stevia. Hi Sarah, I noticed you mention syns so am presuming you’re following Slimming World. The tricky part with selecting a diet is that, many of them do actually help you lose weight. As you become more familiar with how to make the best smoothies relative to your preference and the foods you enjoy, you can create your own low carb smoothie recipes.
Adjust the consistency of the smoothie by adding some ice cubes and blending them together with the rest of the ingredients. Mix cottage cheese, protein powder, maple extract, cinnamon, water and ice cubes in a blender. In a blender, add avocado flesh with almond milk, banana, dates, cacao, almond butter, flaxseed and ice.
Here I provide relationship, love, life, and fitness advice for real women with real issues…no sugar coating, just here to help you live the best life ever.

Green tea increases metabolism and broccoli and cauliflower have enzymes that reportedly help the body more efficiently burn fat. The recipe is loosely based on the large cup size, but if you make it in the small, it will be fruitier and in the large more tea-like.
Ideally if using it as a meal replacement, you would want to add some protein, so perhaps have something with it for that. If you do so, I suggest increasing the broccoli a bit or perhaps adding a more mellow vegetable such as cucumber or tomato.
Some people find that they need something to counteract the bitterness in all veggie smoothies. The only difference you will notice with that is that the smoothie might have a thicker texture. Just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there is more than one way to lose your muffin top and thunder thigh ?.
Also, if you have other delicious low carb smoothie recipes you would like to share, please leave them in the comments section.
I would not recommend using a sweetened type, as that pretty much defeats the purpose and I do not recommend adding sugar to smoothies.
I often add honey to mine, but a lot of diet plans will say no to honey since it is a sugar.
It isn’t too many syns though if my memory serves correctly and you could choose not to syn it but if your weight loss slows down start syncing it as it could be the cause.

However, the one thing that is consistent in most of the popular diets of today is one simple fact…REDUCED SUGAR. Many of us are busy working women and moms and we just don’t have time to prepare veggies every day for ourselves and our families.
You can brew it to your desired strength and refrigerate it, or buy premade from the store. If you use frozen and don’t want the frozen texture, thaw the veggies first, or blend longer (or twice) as blending warms the ingredients over time. I would maybe also avoid honey with this one too if dieting (although I like honey in smoothies).
If you use canned, you can also replace some of the liquid with the juice from the can if you like.
When I say sugar, I am not referring to only cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet desserts, of course those do make you gain weight. Substituting a low carb smoothie for your typical eggs and bacon breakfast or your bran muffin (I hope you aren’t eating bran muffins for breakfast if you are looking to lose weight), is a great way to give your weight loss an early morning boost. If you like an icy smoothie (I do) you could even freeze the tea in ice cube trays, but then you will need to add some as liquid as well.

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