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I saw this recipe and just had to make a low carb version of it since it looked so very tempting. I love my carb heavy food, and this is yet another great substitute to keep me on the wagon. Sharmeen has been busy experimenting to make some delicious low carb roti, and has come up with this great recipe. Crepes are one of those things you can use for so many different low carb recipes, if you can find a good low carb crepe !
This is the recipe for the wonderful Dixie French Crepe Mix, which makes 48 zero carb crepes.
Bring mexican dishes back into your low cabr lifestyle with these great low carb tortillas.
Stuffing is not a dish we use a lot in Australia, however those who have tried this low carb bread stuffing mix have all been delighted with the results.

Use this as stuffing in a roast chicken, or keep the bread stuffing chunky and add sausage for a perfect low carb dinner.
This is a yeast rise bread with high gluten  content, so you get the texture of regular white bread, without the carbs.
I was sitting here one afternoon, looking at my new mix master and deciding what to use my dough hook for, and it hit me. Make these as a great side to curry or other low carb Indian dishes for the perfect side dish. This is a simple recipe, I made them ahead of time and froze them just like store bought garlic bread.
All these savory dishes are low carb and gluten free with a nice variety of meats and meals to choose from.Brenda Bennett is the cookbook author, homeschool mom, writer, photographer, cook and blogger behind Sugar-Free Mom.
The Americans use these as a side dish with their roasts (amazing dipped in gravy), or they make larger ones and use them as a sandwich biscuit.

We grab a log out of the freezer and cook as a side with dinner just like we would have in the old days. Sugar-Free Mom is a woman on a mission to reduce and eliminate added, processed sugars in her family’s life. I tweaked the recipe slightly to make it a bit stronger tasting as the original taste was lovely but a little bland for us. Either way, these biscuits get a massive thumbs up from us at Low Carb Central – we adore them!
She focuses on using natural sugars and sugar free substitutes to create healthier versions of popular and beloved recipes.

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